Agency Power Race Headers Full Drive by Mercedes C63 AMG

Here are some quick shots and drivebys of the new Agency Power race headers on a 2009 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG. Everything is available at

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GETTING MY NEW CAR! (Mercedes S550 Coupe)
Getting my new car... Mercedes Benz S Class (S550 Coupe)! Almost fully loaded with AMG Wheels, Sport Package, Heated/Ventilated/Massage Seats, etc. I had it shipped across the country and driving is fun again (and very comfortable)! I'll do a more thorough review video and more! If you enjoyed hit that Like button in the face and subscribe to join the Wolf Pack! Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Twitch: Mobcrush: My Shirt Store! Business Inquires: My Gaming Chair: Use code "SSS" for 5% off your order from GT Omega Racing! Channel Art by:

2016 Mercedes-AMG G65 vs. 1973 Icon FJ44 - Head 2 Head Ep. 75
On this episode of Head 2 Head presented by Tire Rack, Jonny Lieberman and Jason Cammisa pair up two very expensive SUVs to find out which one is worth the over $200k price tag. The Mercedes G-Class, or Geländewagen, was first introduced to the world in 1979 and has been on sale ever since. The four-wheel-drive G-Wagen features body-on-frame construction, two solid axles, and three mechanically locking differentials. Mercedes tried to replace the G a decade ago with the unibody GL, but G-Wagen sales have only increased since then. The G65 is the first SUV since the 1980s Lamborghini LM002 to feature a V-12 powerplant. Papa G’s big twin-turbo heart pumps out 621hp and a mind-blowing 738 lb-ft of torque. All that power comes with a price: more than $220,000. For the same amount of money, you can also have the Icon FJ44. Based on a 1973 Toyota Land Cruiser — the only original part left is the chassis plate — the FJ44 has been completely reimagined. From its aluminum, powdercoated body panels and Learjet sun visors, to its supercharged 6.2L V-8 and custom Art Morrison frame, no stone has been left unturned, no detail left unfussed with. Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Twitter - & Google+ - Instagram - head2headshow Website -

2015 Porsche Macan Turbo vs. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG! - Head 2 Head Ep. 63
On this episode of Head 2 Head, Jonny Lieberman travels out to the wilds of the Anza Borrego desert with the goal of figuring out which small, sporty, pricey, German SUV is best: the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG or the Porsche Macan turbo. But it’s not the off-road trails that Jonny’s interested in – the AMG may very well be allergic to dirt – but rather the serpentine road that climbs up, and then up some more. These two may look like SUVs, but they’re much closer to sports cars. Packing 400-horsepower, will the Porsche’s 45-horsepower advantage beat out the smaller, lighter, and still plenty powerful, GLA45? Or will the jacked-up red hatchback from Affalterbach put a beat-down on a genuine Porsche turbo? There’s only one way to find out! Subscribe now to make sure you're in on all the action! Facebook - & Twitter - & Google+ - Instagram - head2headshow Website -

Two clips from the new movie Highway 2. C63 AMG VS TWO SWEDISH POLICE. VW MULTIVAN AND VOLVO V70. FOR MY INSTAGRAM WITH CARSPOTTING: Like the movie and want more? BUY IT @HIGHWAY.COM :)