The car's the star Volkswagen Golf GTI

First part of the Volkswagen Golf story from 1996. Quentin Willson presents.

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BBC2 The Car's the Star Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf GTi 9/5/ 1995
BBC2 The Car's the Star Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf GTi 9/5/ 1995 The must-have car of the 80s is now viewed as a classic. Quentin Willson profiles the Mark 1 Volkswagen Golf GTi. please comment like and subscribe for more from me and my video tape collection. and please show me your support by following me on twitter and having a look at my patreon page 2ombieboy

The Golf 1 GTi story dl2
bbc story of the first hot hatch in the world, The original Golf GTI

Volkswagen Golf History ( 1974 - Present )
The history of VW Golf, from MK1 to MK7. All images are taken from: - More detailed information about all generations you will find at: - - CREDITS: Song: The Bluest Star Artist: The 126ers Genre: Pop - more of this genre: Mood: romantic source: YouTube Audio Library Music: "I'm Letting Go (Instrumental)" by Josh Woodward Woodward-TSL-NoVox-107-ImLettingGo I'm Letting Go (Instrumental) by Josh Woodward is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. ( Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) Music: Dark Mystik - Mobb Deep Piano Hip Hop Rap Battle Diss Instrumental Beat [Black Music April 2013]

Test Golf 1 1974
Der Golf I ist ein Automodell der Kompaktklasse der Volkswagenwerk AG, das von Frühjahr 1974 bis Sommer 1983 über 6,2 Millionen Mal hergestellt wurde.