water and gasoline mixture used in a car engine

Demonstrates the use of a car engine running on a mixture of water and gas in a gas tank.

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MAGNETS: mysterious power effects on fuel & gazoline
MAGNETS HAVE EFFECTS ON FUEL AND GAZOLINE - 1 liter gain for 62 miles on road certified, and more power in the engine - The commercial magnets you find for this purpose do not work (The one shaped in red alumium) I have try it. So, now try get this kind of magnet, and do what you will see in this movie. Magnetism is very mysterious. We are far, far away to imagine the power of magnets and magnetism. Few meters after the installation, you will heard that the noise of your engine has change.

Man Runs Car on 50% Water
Mark Joyner's independent investigation of Steve Ryan's (Bios Fuel) claim he has based a water based fuel that runs on standard diesel engines. For more information about Mark Joyner and Construct Zero, visit http://www.MarkJoyner.name - for more info about Steve Ryan and Bios Fuel visit http://www.biosfuel.co.nz For my follow up blog post to this video - one year later: http://www.markjoyner.name/logs/archives/news/video_man_runs_normal_car_on_ water_based_fuel.php

Effect of pouring Gasoline or Water into a carburetor
- A few drops of additional gasoline into a carburetor increases engine rpm for a few seconds; - Many drops of additional gasoline into a carburetor lowers engine rpm for a few seconds, or even stops the engine; - A few drops of water into a carburetor has almost no effect upon engine rpm; - Many drops of water into a carburetor lowers engine rpm for a few seconds, or even stops the engine.

water as 50% replacement for fuel
specially prepared ionized water can make perfect Water-Fuel 50/50 emulsion, and such Water-Fuel Emulsion called as FUKAI-EMULSION can save 35-50% of fuel for boilers, jet engines, etc. FUKAI-EMULSION can also reduce NOX & SOX CO2 in Exhaust gas up to 75%. (more) (less)