We were pleased to welcome the crew from the TV show 'Open Air' when they came to experience our Stock Car Driving School. Here is the result...'hope you enjoy it{!}

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Howard driving a stock car at Texas Motor Speedway
Team Texas Driving School at Texas Motor Speedway - May 4, 2013

15-Year-Old Stock Car Driver Loves Competition
She's not old enough to drive on the streets of New Hampshire, but 15-year-old Kayla Cazares has no problems on the racetrack.

Driving a 600hp Stock Car at Pocono Raceway 170mph on the last lap
Pay some money and you get to drive your very own NASCAR Stock Car...My fastest lap around the 2.5 mile oval was my last lap and got a 1:13 and hit 170mph The driver in front of me was the instructor...and if you listen to the engine of my car you can plainly see and hear that he just didn't want me to go any faster..but i was ready to

Nick Heywood - Race Car Driver/Teacher - with wraps
Nick Heywood is a teacher in training in Plattsburgh, NY. He also races stock cars on Saturday nights. He takes his race-based training is science, math and engineering into the classroom. Produced by Mountain Lake PBS in partnership with Need to Know on PBS. See the entire program on Mountain Lake Journal EXTRA