Insane Highway Driving In A Porsche 977 GT3

This dude drives his Porsche 977 GT3 at very high speeds on the highway through traffic, some of the maneuvers he does are terrifying. Fu french government and its road repression !! Live Free and Drive Hard

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Crazy Driving: Porsche GT3 vs 2 Bikes
Crazy Driving: Porsche GT3 vs 2 Bikes

'Whatever Speed You Want To Call It' Through Heavy Traffic In A Lamborghini Murcielago!!
"Here is a video shot from the passenger seat of a Lamborghini Murcielago driven at high speed through heavy traffic in Shenzhen, China! The driver is race trained and holds a collection of exotic cars. At times the tyres can be heard pattering as the driver steps on the brakes to avoid rear-ending lorries and cars as he is cut up by the traditional Chinese driving style! "Absolutelty terrifying ride, squeezing through gaps just inches larger than the car, weaving between all lanes and even down hard shoulders and hatched areas!!!! AMAZING! Seat of your pants ride!!!" ..... Quote from my father who shot the video when asked by a colleague if he wanted a ride when on a business trip to Shenzhen.

Insane Driving Skills

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