twin loop muffler sound

twin loop muffler installed on a civic si

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How To Fix Exhaust Drone
So if you decided to go straight pipe, you're probably regretting it because of all the Exhaust drone. Well here you have it, a simple fix. If you like our videos please support us! All donations will be going straight into making more videos! m2AQM_tYq7FIfl711Dw6o-T73VUqo1dT7caTZMslEBu&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e2636 63d3faee8d99e4111b56ef0eae45e68b8988f5b2dd

Mugen Twin Loop System Exhaust Road Test Civic Ferio EG9
Alamak Mugen Twin Loop tu... aku pon x sgka aku boleh pkai ejoss ni hehehe mahai siot mklumlaa keja mesin rumput jek.. wah ni ejos aku yg ke-4 pas FGK tu... hmmm ni tukar sb aku da dapat babyboy , Wak Jarep aku pggl die..ensemmm...hehe twin loop ni jgn ckp laaa diam2 berisi org dlu zaman Tunku panggil.. utk long distance power beb meluncur laju dgn sndrnye . and off course byi mmg senyap beb S-flow kateko.. ok jom azan da berkumandang... bai

Ricer Civic Gets Even More Ricey
We do some street cred ricing to the civic before the show. And boom....literally. HERES HOW TO GET A STICKER: *Send an email to *We have 3 colors available: White, Red, and Blue. *We have 3 designs available: The full 30 inch banner $30 , The 8 inch version of that banner $15, and the circular design with the wrench and ziptie $10. *You must pay with paypal. So if you don't have an account set one up !!

Exhaust Silencer Removal
In this video, you will learn how to remove the silencer from an Exhaust.