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Mastretta MXT on board Centro Dinámico Pegaso.

Marzo 2011. Pruebas de rendimiento y balance en pista.


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mastretta mxt en el Autodromo.
Domingo 28/11/2010, Copa Jaguar, la primera vez que el Mastretta (primer automóvil mexicano) sale a correr en el autódromo y en un evento oficial.

Mastretta MXT en pruebas en el Centro Dinámico Pegaso

mastretta mxt vs lotus elise
México vs Inglaterra

Comercial para Television Mastretta MXT (EBC)
Comercial del auto Mexicano que todo mundo quiere, hecho por Art Marketing

La Mastretta MXT fait parler d'elle en Europe
Mastretta, c'est le nom d'une GT mexicaine. A peine connue par les plus mordus d'automobiles d'entre vous, cette GT au look finalement assez sympa s'est faite une jolie pub en Europe grâce à son évocation dans la célèbre émission Top-Gear. Moteur ! ( M. Lacroix / industrie.turbomagazine.be ) Rejoignez-nous sur industrie.turbomagazine.be.

Lotus elise 190 bhp vs Mastretta MXT 250 hp

Arrancones en el centro dinamico pegaso
1/8 de milla, 20/feb/11, Habib / Monti Racing

Mastretta MXT en la ciudad.m4v
Por que no sólo es bueno en la pista, la ciudad es también un escenario ideal para el MXT.

Mastretta MXT en pista.m4v
Las primeras vueltas a uno de los circuitos de competición más importantes de Latinoamérica, el Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez.

Mastretta MXT. Wear it.
There's a difference between driving a car, and wearing it. Video by Depth of Speed's Josh Clason.

The Mastretta MXT : first sport car made in Mexico.
PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION : this is the sport car that was humiliated in the TV show "Top Gear" without making any test or examination these people unfairly criticized the work of Mexican engineers based on cliches and stereotypes stupids and racist. so as to offend our gastronomy and the Mexican ambassador in UK. people in the world! racism can blind us!!! I think England is a beautiful country with very polite people and great culture. but I am against media that broadcast a false image of my country. So do not fall on xenophobia. is good to know before labeling!!! greetings from Mexico for all . I really hope someday to visit my country. here do not get sick from flu because there is no such epidemic , people here are friendly to tourists and have Human qualities. the problem of illegal immigrants is that some people have been denied certain opportunities but these things happen in any country !! I'm sure anyone visiting Mexico not going to want to leave !! =D see the original videos of this edition in the youtube's channels : MastrettaCarsMX Vanguardiautomotriz music in video: portatil - Telefunka Mexico - Israel Perez THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION


Engine sound mastretta mxt.MP4

Mastretta MXT Commercial
New Commercial AD for the new Mastretta MXT. In route to Los Angeles for Beverly Hills Exotic Motors - Mastretta North American Distributor. Sales Start in September Starting at 70,000 USD. PRE ORDERS are being made now as well as a Waiting List. For more info EMAIL- INFO@BHEXOTICMOTORS or CALL- 310 775 7496.

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