Eurosaloons Snetterton oct 2010 Andy Robinson's Ford Falcon

Cautious starts on cold damp track on cold slicks, track temp 2 degrees, other cars on wets but too dry for wets & too cold & wet for slicks !! Sad end to race with passenger front wheel coming loose causing massive pad knock off then lose of control

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coaching clio cup 1/2
Journée Passion Renault Sport 100% Racing le 15/04/2010 au Val de Vienne

Eurosaloons 2012 Brands Hatch Race-1 Cappuccino in-car
Only four laps to this race (with three counting) as a nasty accident involving a Clio (again) and a Seat Leon Cupra Cup car stopped the race. Being late in the day with barrier damage to repair it was deemed a result, rather than have another race on Sunday that there might not have been time to fit in anyway. Watch for the RX7 going off at the bottom of Paddock Hill on the third lap, running along the gravel trap to come back across the track at some speed. I felt that, had I braked, I'd hit him for sure so I kept my foot in and to the right a bit hoping he'd pass behind me which, thankfully he did. Fortunately he sustained little damage after hitting the barrier on the right and was able to race the next day.

eurosaloons V8 supercar ford falcon rockingham
eurosaloons V8 supercar ford falcon rockingham, august 2010, good on the straights ! struggling with tight corners

Eurosaloons Snetterton oct 2010 Andy Robinson's Ford Falcon qually lap
1.14 Qually lap, on slicks lots of wet track but a dry line most of the way around, a dodge on brakes for 1sr corner & super slippy around corum