Camerons 1979 Thunderbird

Me, My sister and her friend cruising in my old car down the Alaska Highway

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1979 Ford Thunderbird
Told some people I would make a short vid of my 1979 Thunderbird, Don't expect much, it was snow covered and I'm surprised it started as quick as it did due to not being started in days and being as cold as it was.

1979 Thunderbird 460!
A short clip of the mean sound of my '79 T-Bird. with a slightly worked over 460 out of a 73 Lincoln Town car.

Ford Thunderbird Commercial 1978
A 1978 Ford Thunderbird commercial featuring a very attractive actress whose name I have no idea about.

Hot Rod Revue: ROCKETBIRD! '62 Ford Thunderbird Mild Custom Alistair's 1962 Thunderbird Custom