Camerons 1979 Thunderbird

Me, My sister and her friend cruising in my old car down the Alaska Highway

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'79 Thunderbird vs. Scion TC
Racin' for fun

77 Thunderbird on german Autobahn
taking my 1977 Thunderbird for a Sunday cruse on the autobahn. buried the needle at 180 km/h and then had a nice cruising speed of 150 km/h sorry for the bad filming... my camera man just sucks at it :S i'm still working on it... why it doesn't look to pretty.. but i'm working from the bottem up and the inside out... so it's mechanicaly in awsome shape, left to do is the interior roof lining, the crome, and the paint

1979 Ford Thunderbird (Getto bird)
Full hydraulics + custom oracle lighting

'79 Thunderbird 460 walk-around
Short walk-around of my 460 powered '79 T-Bird.