Japan Wangan Street Racing inside Mazda RX7 (380bhp) - Like "street" Drift!

Like "street" Drift!

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The Kanjozoku: Osaka's Infamous Street Racers
Visit http://www.thekanjozoku.com for bonus features and articles! Meet "The Kanjozoku", Osaka's underground street racing elite, those who are hard to find and even more rare to find in action. Their late night highway runs are dangerous and illegal, but their intentions go far beyond speeding. Come join BOWLS FILMS for a special lap around the Loop. For more information, check out http://www.thekanjozoku.com

R9: Wangan and C1 High Speed Tour in Tokyo [Japanese street racing] TXR IRL!
A very nice Japanese man allowed us to strap a gopro to his roof. Come on a tour of R9; Wangan and the C1 www.7tune.com At the Heart of JDM since 2005 Disclaimer: 7TUNE does not condone the actions taking place in this footage.

Wangan racing - Team Midnight racing in Tokyo Japan
Wangan racing - Team Midnight racing in Tokyo Japan

highway attack GT-R RX-7 Aug,1999