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P51 Old Crow incl.flames. very loud and very cool.
P-51D "OLD CROW" including shooting flames and flyby at high speed. Turn up your speakers at takeoff. If they can take it...

OLD " 666"
W.W.2 USAF pilot Jay Zeamer & his"renegade" aircrew rescued this old Boeing B-17E("666"-an abbreviation of the tail number,it also had a reputation for getting"Shot to Hell",on every mission) from the scrapheap.They "hotrodded"it with extra,larger calibre amazing story.
The P-38 Lightning. This shows the walk around and checkout prior to engine start, engine start procedures, taxi to take-off, take off, cruise flight and maneuvers, and landing and shut down.

Luftwaffe Finis: The End of the German Air Force 1945, Restored Color
Recently discovered color film of top Luftwaffe leaders and pilots taken as they fell into Allied hands at the end of World War II. You'll see startlingly realistic color footage of Herman Goering, Albert Kesselring, Adolf Galland, Hans Ulrich Rudel and many more. Captured aircraft are shown as well, including an Me 262, the first jet fighter, and an FW 190. You'll be amazed when you see these color images. I produced this documentary from unedited, silent footage. Get this video and more on our P-51 DVD with five more videos & 130-page P-51D pilot's manual: Zeno, Zeno's Warbird Videos Visit our aviation DVD store at for the World's largest selection of World War 2 & vintage jet aircraft aviation videos