1997 Chevrolet Cavalier car commerical (homemade)

This is a project I did for my video basics class. This was the final for the class - it had to be a 30 second clip advertising a product. The video had to include a variety of shots/angles, narration, music (overlayed), and on screen text. I did the best that I could and thought it turned out well. The music is a song by Type O Negative (haunted, instrumental version).

More Videos...

Here's a clip from the August 19th, 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Michigan. This is a dual blown motor that not only runs, but I witnessed it drive down the road.

1942 Ford Rat Rod
Here is a full-on custom (flat head) rat rod. my brother recently purchased it (summer 2008) and we have some major plans for the "beast." This video is of a quick test drive in which we were trying to feel out the steering box - it has some major adjusting to be made. Hope you enjoy the video.

Reshaping my front bumper (1997 Chevrolet Cavalier)
After seeing another person do something similar to this, I decided to give this a try. he only had pics of the finished product so I decided to document throughout the process. this was my first experience with any type of bodywork so it isn't perfect. I think the results look pretty good. the whole process took about 2 weeks and about $80-90 but I didn't have any sand paper or body working tools. the bumper was under $25 so if you already had left over material, you could do it really cheap. the one thing is, there isn't another cavalier out there like mine.

Crusin in the Rat Rod
Just a quick video of my brother and I crusin down an Ohio country road in the 1942 Rat Rod. Yes, it's a flat head v8; yes, it's all original; and no, it's not for sale ;) (btw - it's a 1932 Ford)