Jet Outhouse at Byron Dragway

You might say "No way!" but this is true. It really is a jet powered outhouse. Either that, or the guy inside has eaten far too many beans. Let's just say this is what happens when you put a guy with too much time on his hands, an outhouse and a jet engine in the same building.

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The World's Fastest Outhouse - Jet Powered, LPE360 Exclusives
Man has built a jet powered outhouse! Paul Stender a designer of amazing, speed driven, jet powered vehicles has designed the world's fastest port-a-potty. LPE360 exclusive interview

Jet-Powered Outhouse! - Abbotsford Airshow 2011
Jet-powered outhouse. Abbotsford International Airshow 12 August 2011 Abbotsford British Columbia Canada

Jet Powered Bicycle _ It's Insane!
Strapping a jet engine to a bicycle... What could go wrong? This project is part of our Xwing journey. It's an epic journey to fly a rigid carbon fiber skydiving wing that will be turbine powered and fully aerobatic. Jet Cat USA is an official sponsor of the project and gave us a testing turbine so we can learn the engine. It's one thing to learn it on a bench test; it's another to actually put the engine to use! What would you do with a mini turbine?

The FARM TRUCK! The ultimate sleeper truck Sean's farm truck from midweststreetcars / 405 is one of the a best sleepers out there, this beat up old farm truck really puts down the power with it's Nitrous assisted big block, running into the 10's at the track, and spanking cars on the street! Check out the wheelies it pulls off with some help from PIMP JUICE (his creation)