Jet Outhouse at Byron Dragway

You might say "No way!" but this is true. It really is a jet powered outhouse. Either that, or the guy inside has eaten far too many beans. Let's just say this is what happens when you put a guy with too much time on his hands, an outhouse and a jet engine in the same building.

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Eric Fox takes his dad John down the 1320 on a wild pass letting up early and still runs a 9.70@ 91mph! Eric, who is from Iowa had come directly from Great Lakes Dragway in Wisconsin to Illinois Byron Dragway along with other members of The One Guys Garage to compete in their own style drag week. The 3600lb '02 C5 is powered by an '08 6.0L base AES engine, with YSI blower, on e85, 4L60e and differential by RPM transmissions along with a stock style IRS and Hoosier 28x10x16's rear slicks. Before leaving Eric went on to his best et and mph with a 8.74@162.35mph! Byron Dragway 9-24-16

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The World's Fastest Outhouse - Jet Powered, LPE360 Exclusives
Man has built a jet powered outhouse! Paul Stender a designer of amazing, speed driven, jet powered vehicles has designed the world's fastest port-a-potty. LPE360 exclusive interview

Jet Outhouse Staging at Byron Dragway
Yet one more view of the ever popular Jet Outhouse. The jet engine is not visible from this angle. It's coming out the back of the outhouse. See Jet Outhouse Warmup video to see the warm up with jet plume. See the Jet Outhouse at Byron Dragway video to actually see this thing moving and view the jet engine sticking out the back of this thing. Enjoy! Captured at the 2006 World Power Wheelstanding Competition in Byron Illinois. Copyright Jack Davis Video.