Rob's 63 Lemans on the OST Dyno

Rob Freyvogel on the OST Dyno

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Nostalgia Super Stock 1963 Tempest.

Rob's 63 Tempest - Pass 1 @ PRP
Rob's 1963 Pontiac Tempest at Pittsburgh Raceway Park.

Sleeper Pontiac
Twin turbo BBC in a 63 LeMans at the Flashlight Drags! A little faster than it looks? I think he needs a cage and chute.

Twenty-Four Hours At Le Mans (1963)
Le Mans, France. A good item about the twenty four hour motor race at Le Mans. L/S of cars racing past the spectator stands. M/S men in boiler suits watching the race. A car passes the chequered flag. C/Us of newspaper headlines - 'A Sunday saunter at Le Mans', 'Britain's Triumph'. L/S of square in town centre. Pedestrian's pause to look at trophies in a shop window. Various shots of stall holders making preparations inside the race course. Men build a barrier from hay bails at the edge of the track. Various shots of spectators arriving - pressmen are seen arriving by plane. M/S of "the bowler hat brigade" - young British fans in bowlers and sun glasses - very Clockwork Orange. Various shots of cars taking their starting positions. C/Us of drivers - Richie Ginter and Graham Hill - relaxing before the race. The mechanics and officials make their final checks. Various shots of spectators looking at the track expectantly. Various shots of the running start to the race. M/S of spectators looking through periscopes. Various shots of the race. C/U of Stirling Moss watching the race. Various shots of a mini-children's race beside the main event. Various shots of a funfair. A chef is seen barbecuing poussin. Women are seen peeling potatoes. More shots of the race. Various shots of reporters and race officials in the stands. C/U of crepes being prepared on a snack stall. Lots of general shots of the side shows and spectators. Le Mans, France. Hill's car pulls in for a pit stop. Richie Ginter takes over from Hill and gets in the driving seat. More general shots of the race and cars pulling into the pit. Night shots of the fairground and the race. Some shots of spectators dancing to pop music. M/S of reporters typing. Various shots of dishevelled spectators watching the race at dawn. Various shots of people waking up and having breakfast outside their tents. M/S of an open air Mass. A French family are seen eating chicken and wine. A driver digs himself out of the sand banks where he crashed. More general shots of the race. Some more shots of the side shows - a horse rodeo and motorbike stunts. Various shots of the end of the race. M/S of Hill undoing his helmet. L/S of the spectator stands. M/S of Hill in his car - the British Turbine. Cuts exist - please see separate records. Pathe seem to have shot enough footage at the 1963 race to make both this Pictorial item and a documentary called "Twenty-Four Hours to History" - there are 7 reels of cuts in total. 90,000 historic films, all SEARCHABLE on YouTube at: Join us on Facebook at: Tweet us @britishpathe FILM ID:225.06