Mercedes AMG gets chased by the police whilst on a top speed run to 320km\h. Animation done in after effects for a bit of practice...

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Sleeping Police E55 Speed Trap
Mercedes E55 AMG Passes a Police speed trap and a officer who is not paying attention while going WAY over the speed limit. Lucky day for the test driver...

SLS max speed test. 339 km/h.Gearbox test.
Test drive and gear box test

400kmh Hayabusa Insane Speed doing 400 KM/h racing down the highway on a crotch rocket
Hayabusa doing 400km/h 240 mile For all you commenting how 230 mph is only 370km, get a life! Speedo stops at 230mph by the way but it still goes up.

E63 AMG vs M5 A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!
Portland OR. Saturday Youth conference day at Emanuel Church.