2013 Shelby GT500 Borla Exhaust

Borla long tube headers, x-pipe, touring mufflers.. no cats.. start up and idle also brought rpms to 3500 and help for a couple of seconds.. take off and drive by... i would have edited it but im new to this and im learning

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2013 FORD SHELBY GT500 + Borla S-Type Exhaust + K&N Intake (Saudi Arabia)
2013 FORD SHELBY GT500 + Borla S-Type Exhaust + K&N Intake (Saudi Arabia) www.MokhtarChahine.com Twitter/Instagram: @MokoPhotography

2013 Shelby GT500 Start up | Rev | Take off
Brand new 2013 Ford shelby Mustang GT500 spotted at Ace hardware in colleyville Texas! One of the first one's i had seen, owner was nice enough to let me take a videos and get some good action (: thanks for watching and please subscribe!

2013 Shelby GT500 Borla S-Type Exhaust
Shelby GT500 with Borla Exhaust... Borla long tube headers, Borla X-Pipe, and S-Type mufflers... NO CATS... start up and idle, couple revs, brought rpm's to 3500, take off and drive by was at 40mph... sorry for the wind noise...

2013 Shelby GT500 Corsa Sport Exhaust intall, drive, and sound clips
Replaced the Borla Atak with the Corsa axle-back. They sound deeper at speed and less raspy. They are quieter at WOT than the Ataks but louder at idle and low revs. The biggest reason was they are simply better looking, a true angle cut with a tapered end. Very high quality product and came with the clamps to install. They sound much better in person than my iPhone can reproduce, but you can get a good idea.