Twin Turbo G8 on Road Course

The world's fastest G8 takes its twin Aerochargers to the Motorsports Ranch road course. Passed everyone except a Porsche Cayman S. All in all the four door Pontiac looked pretty good considering. The G8 is a well balance car, with good brakes and a power-adder Aerocharger. The only other upgrade for the track were Hawk brakes and DOT 4 fluid. At the drags or on a road course the Australian-built G8 did not embarrass itself.

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Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 Twin Turbo by House of Boost
Worlds Fastest Pontiac G8 GT: Only mods to the car, House of Boost Twin turbo kit using Aerocharger turbos, Magnaflow Catback, CCW DragPack No other mods to the car, no cam, no stall, no weight reduction. Wicked fast spool time thanks to the Aerochargers VAIN technology. Not to mention the fact that they are self contained! For more info go to: For more info on the turbos go to:

Parish runs 10.82 in his Twin Turbo G8 GT
Parish turns his TT G8 GT up for a pass on the last day of Drag Week 2010 to run his first 10, that makes him the 2nd quickest G8 in the world! He didn't want to go for the record (10.72) because he needed to drive it home 750 miles back to Omaha!

420whp Pontiac G8 Feature | Gears and Gasoline
To everyone under the impression that we only feature imports on our channel, rest easy! Jacob Goodwin’s 2009 G8 GT packs an LS2-derived L76 6.0 V8 making 420-wheel-horsepower after a headwork and a “mild” cam. Jacob, your car is nuts, and a crazy good time, and the perfect roadtrip car. Thanks again. Music used: Gymnopedie No. 2" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 Rights purchased from: Sirius beat "as you were"

Nitrous G8 vs. Twin Turbo G8
125 Shot G8GT vs cam/TT G8GT