Twin Turbo G8 on Road Course

The world's fastest G8 takes its twin Aerochargers to the Motorsports Ranch road course. Passed everyone except a Porsche Cayman S. All in all the four door Pontiac looked pretty good considering. The G8 is a well balance car, with good brakes and a power-adder Aerocharger. The only other upgrade for the track were Hawk brakes and DOT 4 fluid. At the drags or on a road course the Australian-built G8 did not embarrass itself.

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Shane Procharged G8 Vs. Maxpower Twin Turbo G8 Round 1
Twin turbo G8 GT Procharged G8 GT

Aerocharger Boost Controller.avi
How to adjust the AerochargerĀ® Boost controller.

Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational 2009 - practice laps on the road course
Before any of the timed events were run, all of the cars participating were allowed to lap the track. Speeds were to be kept low and no passing was allowed. As a result, none of the cars are really hauling down the front straight in the video here. There are some quick launches though.

Aerocharger Porsche 930 Turbo Track Testing Part 2
Aerocharger Porsche 911 turbo, the 930 upgraded with the Aerocharger turbo. Part 2 continues on track verifying a 50% increase in power at 3,500 rpm. With Self-Contained lubrication - no additional heat added to engine. Greatly reducing turbo-Lag. This is still in early stage testing but it is looking very promising. If the kit becomes available it will be later in 2010. See for updates.