My 89 240sx rb25DET holset hx35 low boost pull on 93 octane

In this run it was set to 14psi of Boost.

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RB25 Neo HX35 Dyno Pull
With 3 Boost leaks lol Around 16-17 psi 93 pump gas. Stock motor with arp studs. Was running way to rich, so with a good tune should be around 400. Check out HCP!

Autokraft Performance HX35 R33 Skyline Install Tune and Review Parts 1 of 2
Sup guys. Just installed my HX35 on my R33 Skyline RB25 this is part one of two. I will be doing a very base tune in this video and some track driving. The next video will be from the Dyno then some real drifting. Be sure to check out my other pages Youtube: Donald Jackson Drift: Donald Jackson Music: Donald Jackson Gaming: Donald Jackson Martial Arts: Facebook: Donald Jackson FB: Pink Ranger Drift Fan Page FB: Gran Turismo 6 Drift & Grip Online FB: Soundcloud music: Instagram:

RB25 Hx35 pull
all of second and most of third (~85mph)

RB25 S13 240sx w/Holset HX35
Scootin, quick 1-2 pull. 8psi untuned