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How the Formula 1 Blown Exhausts Sound Like - F1 2011
Flickr Page: Facebook page: Google+ page: You know there were and there are a lot of polemics about the blown Exhaust system (EBD). Teams blowing their diffusers rely on the throttle being open to keep airflow passing to the diffuser and increase the downforce on it. In this video you can hear how they sound like on different F1 cars. It's really particular listening to this kind of sounds but, IMO, you can get annoyed by this sound. I prefer listening to some nice backfires ;) What do you think?? Link To My Channel: THANKS FOR WATCHING AND SUBSCRIBE!!!

F1 2011 - Ferrari - Marc Gené demo in Rotterdam (Bavaria City Racing)
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Michael Schumacher in Ferrari FXX Burnouts & Accelerations!!
Marco records the legendary Ferrari F1 pilot Michael Schumacher making some burnouts, donuts and accelerations in his black Ferrari FXX number 30 at the Mugello circuit during the Finali Ferrari Challenge 08. First i record Schumi entering in the circuit, then he makes some free laps at a very high speed, the he makes some huge downshifts, from the 5th 'till the 1st gear, and start to make some burnouts and donuts! At the end he comes back to the box, where you can see Montezemolo that is waiting for him. Be sure to turn up your speakers and to put on the High Quality Mode! 30th March 2010 - 1 Milion views, thanks! 25th February 2011 - 2 Milion views, thanks!! Facebook: Twitter:

Ferrari F1 clienti on the track !!!
⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ All the info on this video can be found here ⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩⇩ When I was at Spa-Francorchamps for the Ferrari days, I witnessed many incredible cars such as the FXX or 599XX, but there also was the F1 Clienti program. What is that? Lucky Ferrari clients can buy real Formula One cars, that have been driven by the Scuderia pilots (such as Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa...), and actually get to drive these insane beasts on the track! Of course, not everyone has the skills of Vettel or Hamilton, but the mere experience of being able to drive an F1 on the track must be exquisite. Even more when you KNOW they've raced in real Grand Prix for most of them, and have a history!! Intense. The sound of the F1s are very very loud and strident, particularily in the acceleration phase. As much as I could stand the FXX and 599XX without problem, I really needed earplugs for the F1 cars... As far as the sound goes, the mic isn't close to reality = they're MUCH LOUDER in real life, trust me!! But I guess that's the best I could do with an amateur equipment! Needless to say, these are very fast racing machines... Brutal. There must have been about 10 or 15 different Formula One cars there. Watch the other videos from the event: 599XX1: 599XX2: Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700 Enjoy! *************************************************************************** ************** [●] Facebook: [●] Visit my website: [●] FlickR: [●] Twitter: *************************************************************************** ************** Hope you enjoy! - ALEX