Abandoned Scrap Car And Heavy Machine Boat Graveyard Trail Urban Exploration Part 1

going for a walk down by the black train bridge in Chatham Ontario. Lots of neat stuff rotting away

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Old trucks and tractors
Some pics I have taken of old equipment.

POTB 6164 Lost Train!
For several days I searched the old POTB line between Banks and Buxton, OR for this vintage EMD SD9. I finally got a tip that it was in Timber. I drove down the windy forest roads to the tiny community, and sure enough it was there, and had been sitting for many years unused. Since July 2012, this locomotive has long since been scrapped. If anyone's wondering the location this engine was once at, the town is called Timber, OR. It's a tiny community out in the coast range and can be found on google or yahoo maps. The smoke in the beginning was only someone using the fireplace in a nearby house, not the engine being started. Purchase items with my photos on them: http://www.redbubble.com/people/844steamtrain If you enjoy my videos, feel free to like, comment, and share! Thanks for watching!

Abandoned Boats of Salt Spring Island
Peter Prince checks out the activities of the Veins of Life Watershed Society, and the hard work of local volunteers cleaning up Ganges Harbour of abandoned boats and other debris polluting coastal community waterways and beaches.

stuck and forgotten tractors
Watch my other video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDfoZboF8Fo&feature=plcp And read description! Enjoy!