Saturn Ion Redline Vs Honda S2000

2004 Ion RL gm stage II 2.8 pulley cobra h/e vibrant header d/p s2000 intake and Exhaust

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saturn ion redline vs. subaru sti
good race!!

2006 Saturn Ion Redline vs B18C CRX
My 2006 Saturn Ion Redline vs my friend's B18C CRX. His CRX has tranny problems, so from 3rd gear and up the car doesn't pull hard at all.

Honda s2000 vs saturn ion redline
s2k with passenger kills redline

Saturn Ion Redline vs Honda Del Sol 1/8th mile
Ion RL- K&N Typhoon CAI and Vibrant Header and Racing Cat w/ burnt clutch(the reason for no burnout). Honda Del Sol- B16 swap with unknown mods....Stupid loud Exhaust?!? End result.... Ion RL=9.425 @78.03mph Del Sol=13.874 @ 55.25mph