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YAMAHA XJ6 Divertion летом в Москве(M-71)
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Yamaha XJ6 diversion vs Mazda
драг-рейсинг с.Парабель 2013

2012 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion Review
I'm selling my 2012 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion - I bought this brand new exactly a year ago and she's now surplus to requirements. A great "first big bike" or ideal commuter/all rounder. I wanted to take a quick VLOG on her for the record and as I started it turned into an advert! Contact me for full details or look her up on Motorcyclesupermarket.com if you're interested in buying.

acumen dg8 gear indicator blue-yamaha xj6 diversion 09
on trial after installation. true as gear shift.but after 4-5k rpm the gear indicator start blinking.maybe calibration issues.need setting at real time riding video shading with daylight, not so clear. night version coming