Flood crisis continues in Queensland

Torrential rain is continuing to cause flooding in central and northern Queensland. Several towns along the coast have been isolated. Floodwaters have cut more than 70 roads including the state's major highways. There have also been several dramatic rescues in raging floodwaters in central Queensland. Our reporter Natalie Poyhonen is in Tully, north of Townsville.

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Researchers to track elusive blue whales
The Antarctic blue whale is the largest creature to have lived on earth, but very little is known about it. Now researchers are about to use military technology to learn more, and to listen out for the ocean giant. Stephen Smiley reports.

Young and restless on sidelines of tennis
A big tennis tournament can't operate without the "ballkids" - those energetic youngsters retrieving the balls for players, dashing out with a towel or carrying out myriad other tasks. Thousands of Australian hopefuls were joined in the selection process this year by young people from Korea and the China Open.

Australia releases first National Security Strategy
Australia's first National Security Strategy focuses on cyber-security and closer ties with Asia. Prime Minister Julia Gillard also says Australia has a key role to play in the Asia-Pacific region and is optimistic that China and the US can manage change in the region. Political editor, Catherine McGrath reports.

Jim Middleton leaves the ABC after 44 years
After interviewing every prime minister since Malcolm Fraser and rubbing shoulders with world leaders, one of the ABC's most respected and longest serving political journalists is calling it a day. Jim Middleton is leaving the corporation after a career spanning 44 years. He accepted a redundancy offer that was brought about by budget cuts which forced the ABC to shed 70 staff. "It's always sad to leave an organisation which has taken up such a large part of your life, which I have enjoyed wholeheartedly having had so many great opportunities," he said.