Mazda 20B aircraft engine run #2

Mazda 20B (3 Rotor) Rotary aircraft engine, second run. This engine was built with Racing Beat aluminum panels, hand cast aluminum Intake manifold. Custom dual servo fly by wire throttle body. Carbon fiber plenum and runners. It uses 550CC Ford Racing injectors, Real world ECU and prop drive. Inconel headers, Spin Tech muffler, and 2.5 years of work ! The dry sump configuration allowed for custom mounts that mate up to a dynafocal mount designed for an IO-540 engine. This engine is estimated at 330HP and the net weight change to the aircraft is expected to be 250 to 300 lbs lighter but still with 10% more horsepower.

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Rotary (Wankle Engine) in a Velocity SE Aircraft
Mazda 13b turbo block rotary with Mistral intake, RWS Redrive, EM2, EC2 ported with a medium street port

Al Gietzen starting his 3-rotor Mazda powered Velocity at Camarillo.
After finishing a photo-shoot and an interview for an article in CONTACT! Magazine and EAA's Experimenter, Al sparks his SWEET sounding engine.

Aircraft Engine Starts — Unique Or Rare Aircraft
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LeRhone Rotary Engine Inner Workings
80 LeRhone WWI rotary aircraft engine. The nose case and the camshaft have been removed to se the action of the connecting rods and bearing block.