UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilive Supercharged Torana Burnout

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UBC 2010 - EVILXF Ford Panelvan
Another thing you do see much of when it comes to modified cars - XF Panel vans. Some guy has turned this tradie's truckster into a tyre frying monster. It had a few problems during the burnout but once the driver got into it he showed the tyres no mercy.

Two Superchargers, No Waiting for smoke!!
I used to think this car was called 24TUFF for some reason, and with 2 blowers I guess that works as well, but it's actually T4TUFF and it is Tough with a capital T. Matt Power is the pilot of the flame throwing smoke monster, and even though it was a killer burnout Matt finished 13th overall, that's how tough the competition was.

UBC 2010 - EASTY On Car View
Here's something different. We stuck a video camer to the windscreen of Glenn Eastwood's Black blown Torana for a slightly different view of the action. As you can see it looks great.

Drift Camaro HD Upload
My most popular video ever, now with extra footage and in HD because Youtube has reduced the quality of the original. Watch Peter Gray drift his blown Camaro around Shepparton's skidpan. Don't forget to subscribe to Scotty's Garage for more awesome videos.