UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilive Supercharged Torana Burnout

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Pac Performance MX6 at Willowbank
Another quick video, this time it's the Pac Performance guys with their 20b powered MX6 Madza racing at Willowbank raceway. It's one hell of a machine.

UBC 2010 - EASTY On Car View
Here's something different. We stuck a video camer to the windscreen of Glenn Eastwood's Black blown Torana for a slightly different view of the action. As you can see it looks great.

Ultimate Burnout Challenge - Group 1
At the Ultimate Burnout Challenge held at Avalon Speedway they split the field into four groups, here's a montage of the first group in a action. I'll be uploading the individual burnouts during the next week or two.

Springnats 2009 Team Extreme
The boys from Team Extreme smoke it up at Springnats 2009. Aaron Mackley in Vantasy, Clint Ogilvie in the pink Torana, Peter Grmusa in the orange XD, John Taverna Jnr in the Blue XD and Peter Gray in the black Monaro.