UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilive Supercharged Torana Burnout

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Pac Performance MX6 at Willowbank
Another quick video, this time it's the Pac Performance guys with their 20b powered MX6 Madza racing at Willowbank raceway. It's one hell of a machine.

UBC 2010 - Blue VN V8 Commodore

Rotary Crash at WSID
Not the best angle I know thanks to the ANDRA steward choosing to stand in the road but this RX7 bouces off the wall hard and then into the wall on the other side of the track. As far as I know the driver was fine.

UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilvie incar view
Incar action with Clint Ogilvie as he takes his mum for a ride.