UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilive Supercharged Torana Burnout

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UBC 2010 - EVILXF Ford Panelvan
Another thing you do see much of when it comes to modified cars - XF Panel vans. Some guy has turned this tradie's truckster into a tyre frying monster. It had a few problems during the burnout but once the driver got into it he showed the tyres no mercy.

Two Superchargers, No Waiting for smoke!!
I used to think this car was called 24TUFF for some reason, and with 2 blowers I guess that works as well, but it's actually T4TUFF and it is Tough with a capital T. Matt Power is the pilot of the flame throwing smoke monster, and even though it was a killer burnout Matt finished 13th overall, that's how tough the competition was.

Supercharged Holden Streetcars
A quick video of a few supercharged Holden's running down the quarter at WSID in Sydney.

UBC 2010 - EASTY On Car View
Here's something different. We stuck a video camer to the windscreen of Glenn Eastwood's Black blown Torana for a slightly different view of the action. As you can see it looks great.