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UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilive Supercharged Torana Burnout

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UBC 2010 - Clint Ogilvie incar view
Incar action with Clint Ogilvie as he takes his mum for a ride.

Two Superchargers, No Waiting for smoke!!
I used to think this car was called 24TUFF for some reason, and with 2 blowers I guess that works as well, but it's actually T4TUFF and it is Tough with a capital T. Matt Power is the pilot of the flame throwing smoke monster, and even though it was a killer burnout Matt finished 13th overall, that's how tough the competition was.

Rotary Crash at WSID
Not the best angle I know thanks to the ANDRA steward choosing to stand in the road but this RX7 bouces off the wall hard and then into the wall on the other side of the track. As far as I know the driver was fine.

Springnats 2009 Team Extreme
The boys from Team Extreme smoke it up at Springnats 2009. Aaron Mackley in Vantasy, Clint Ogilvie in the pink Torana, Peter Grmusa in the orange XD, John Taverna Jnr in the Blue XD and Peter Gray in the black Monaro.

Pac Performance MX6 at Willowbank
Another quick video, this time it's the Pac Performance guys with their 20b powered MX6 Madza racing at Willowbank raceway. It's one hell of a machine.

UCSMOKE carves it up again at UBC2
As one of the promoters of the Ultimate Burnout Challenge Stve Laoder did mutliple burnouts with his HT Premier UCSMOKE. This was just about the biggest burnout on the day. How do you describe this machine, and the way Steve throws it around the burnout pad? Amazing? Awesome? Insane?

UBC 2010 - Blue VN V8 Commodore

UBC 2010 - EASTY On Car View
Here's something different. We stuck a video camer to the windscreen of Glenn Eastwood's Black blown Torana for a slightly different view of the action. As you can see it looks great.

UBC 2010 - Blue VS
I forgot to put this car in my Group ! video so it'll be the first upload of the full burnout vids. Sorry about that Colin.

UBC 2010 - Green VC Commodore
Bit of green, a bit of red - must be a South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter. LOL

RUSH Statesman Burnout at UBC2
Yep, more videos from the second annual Ultimate Burnout Challenge. Tom Keves' RUSH Holden Statesman was given a full rebuild after tagging the wall at Gazzanats in 2009. Now it runs a supercharged LS1 and a very nice candy paint job.

Victor Bray Doorslammer Burnout at WSID
With Castrol and Victor Bray parting ways, bringing one of Australia's longest standing motorsports sponships to a close, it's only fitting that we run a burnout of the man himself in action, doing what he does best - frying tyres.

Ultimate Burnout Challenge 2010 - Avalon Speedway
Here's a video to give you a run down on the event and a short interview with the organisers Clint and Steve, plus a burnout from each. Enjoy.

UBC 2010 - Two jet car destroy Holden Commodore
Russell Clarke from Heathcote Raceway destroys this ex-speedway Commodore in spectacular fashion with his two jet cars.

Ultimate Burnout Challenge - Group 1
At the Ultimate Burnout Challenge held at Avalon Speedway they split the field into four groups, here's a montage of the first group in a action. I'll be uploading the individual burnouts during the next week or two.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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Graham Gaskell, Engine: 202 with 3 x weber, Tires: 205x60x14 Bridgestone

1970 Holden Torana XU1: 14.287 @ 95.870
Craig Alderson, Engine: 202ci, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: 175 x 70 x 13


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