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Lexus GS300 Snow Tyre Movie

After last winter slipping about I changed car tyres to four winter tyres. The transformation is unbelievable. Traction is excellent through snow, on ice and also heavy rain and slush. The car is a rear wheel drive Lexus GS300 The Tyres are Pirelli Sottozero Serie II.


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VESPA GTS 300. Rideout 3rd Feb. Filmed with a CONTOUR ROAM 2 in 720 at 60FPS.
Took my Vespa out for the first time this year. Fixed my new helmet cam to my lid and filmed the journey. The film was shot over an hour so edited with music not wind noise! The scooter is a 2009 Vespa GTS 300 with only 700 miles on the clock, I bought it last October wit low mileage and haven't added much to that over the winter. I fitted an Akropovic and it sounds lovely. Other options are stainless steel running boards, front and rear rack, stainless suspension cover. I'm waiting for a Vespa single sport gel seat to be delivered, that will complete the look. The scooter itself is a wonderful thing, pulls nicely and is a ball of joy wrapped up in a beautiful parcel. If you're thinking about buying a modern Vespa, just do it. You'll also get a lot of admiring glances. The roads were damp and diesel patches everywhere that's why my riding looks odd, I'm trying to stay in the dry on the road!. It was a good ride but cold and only one car came a bit close, hilighted in the movie. I feel that a helmet cam may make cars be more wary of you, I seemed to be getting more room but then again maybe it's because I ride a Vespa and people seem to be friendly towards them.

Lexus GS 300 2002
мой Lexus GS 300 для продажи...

BMW M3 / RWD vs other cars in a snow race - Winter tyre vs summer tyres
Update: The M3 VS a 4x4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STaximkaQxo Perhaps one of the worst cars on snow, an automatic (SMG) BMW M3 with 255/35 R19 rear tyres in a "race" against various other vehicles. The first one to the top of the small, snow covered incline wins. Traction control turned off in the M3 and always started in 1st gear. Oh, and the M3 has Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 UHP winter tyres. In order of "race" appearance: 1) M3 vs BMW 118d Manual. Drive wheels are new 245/35 R18 Nankang NS20 summer tyres 2) M3 vs Ford KA. Drive wheels are 165/35 R13 budget summer tyres 3) M3 vs BMW 118d with extra weight over the rear wheels 4) M3 vs VW Passat Manual with an extra runup. Drive wheels are new 205/55 R16 Dunlop SP Sport summer tyres Apologies for the quick editing.

Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D Tyres RWD Sports Car Snow Test
A gentle test (light snow) of the Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D Tyres, fitted to a BMW Z4 (rear wheel drive sports car). Involved: 1. Getting up an uncleared drive 2. Driving on a snow covered road 3. Braking and pulling away 4. Pulling out of a junction

2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD Traction Control in Snow
2008 Lexus GS 350 AWD Traction Control in Snow

Simple *Winter Driving Tips*
http://dansautoblog.com Learn How to Drive Safely In The Winter. In this video I will explain the importance of anticipating the road ahead and why its important to keep your traction control switched on in the winter. For more tips and advice visit http://dansautoblog.com. If you are searching for a used car the Auto Buyer Secrets may be just the guide that you have been looking for. You can download your FREE copy by visiting http://dansautoblog.com Car shown is a Lexus GS300 year 2002 Filmed with a Canon 550D / T2i Rebel Edited with Sony Vegas Studio Platinum Please do leave a comment on this video!

Snowcontrol Serie II [Winter Tire] _ Pirelli North America
This video features a Fiat 500C and an Audi A3 driving on the snow with Pirelli Snowcontrol Serie II winter tires. Snowcontrol Serie II is the new winter tyre specifically developed for city cars and vehicles from compact to medium segment to guarantee extensive mobility in urban, extra urban and mountain conditions between October and March. With Snowcontrol Serie II Pirelli introduces the Snow Wear Indicator (S.W.I.): three letters marked on the tread pattern to indicate the 4mm tread depth. When it wears off, Pirelli suggests changing winter tyres to keep high safety level on snow. For more information plesae visit www.us.pirelli.com For our online photo gallery please visit www.flickr.com/Pirelli_North_America

Datsun 720 Snow Drift
Just a little bit of fun drifting in and old datsun before cutting him up and putting a RB25 engine inside :P Its my first rear wheel drive car and the second time im drifting serius in it :P About 5 hours of total drifting a this time, so im not that good yet, and goes thru the snow couple of time :P But datsun drives thru anything!

All Season vs Winter tires Rear Wheel Drive Car vs Truck

Purple Charger stuck in snow

Pirelli Winter Snowcontrol Serie II
Winter Snowcontrol Serie II is the new Pirelli winter tyre specifically developed with technological innovations to meet all new requirements in terms of safety on all roads in urban, extra urban and mountain conditions for city to compact cars.

Winter tyres - They really do work.
Short film showing a front wheel drive Vauxhall Vectra fitted with all season tyres, driving up a snow covered hill in Edinburgh. These are mud and snow rated tyres.

Driving uphill on snow with RWD
BMW E46 320D 2004 Snow Tire Goodyear Eagle UltraGrip 7 215/45 R17

Fail Driver Lexus Snow driving
Neighbor driver over curb and stuck in snow on my lot while driving Lexus IS. apple iphone 4s video

Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT vs. Mercedes-Benz battle Snow v. Summer Tire Mashup
( http://www.TFLcar.com ) Anybody can race a Camaro vs. a Mustang in a straight line. It's been done tens of thousands of times over the years, but what about racing two All-Wheel-Drive cars with the same horsepower in the snow? The catch? One car has snow tires while the other one has summer tires.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Lexus GS300 Turbonetics T62-1 Turbo: 13.078 @ 113.230
Jeff Tsai, Engine: 2JZ-GTE VVTi JDM Swap, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: Turbonetics T62-1 Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 2: 295/30-19 & 265/35-19 @42p

2006 Lexus GS300 AWD: 15.410 @ 88.710

1998 Lexus GS300 : 15.700 @ 89.600


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