Muscle vs. Import: The Final Test

This video was made for a very simple reason: To try and end the dispute between domestic and import cars, and to try and open the eyes of fans from both sides, showing that domestics have their fair share of "oops" cars as well. Ricers, however, should not forget the error of their ways, which is also depicted in this video. At 1:36, that Mustang should be in with the riced muscle cars. My bad. Try not to make comments that attack other people; it's not nice, and it gets REALLY old REALLY fast.

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American muscle cars drag racing import tuner car on the 1/4 mile at Raceway Park in Old Bridge Township Englishtown NJ USA on November 02, 2014.

Muscle Car Guy Shit Talks Tuner
This is for those muscle car guys out there that don't know the difference between actual tuners and ricers. Not saying the car used in the video is a 'Tuner' but we work with what we have. This video is purely for entertainment, don't take it seriously. We are not saying all muscle car guys act like this, but this video is about those select few that do. Enjoy! Cars Used: 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer ES & 2014 Dodge Challenger R/T 100th Anniversary Edition Exhaust Sound at the end of the video is a 2JZ from a 1600 Hp Supra lol -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ►Subscribe - ►Twitter - ►Instagram - ►Shirts -

ricer's suck!
a video i made to make fun of ricers.

Muscle vs Tuners. Which One's Better?
Compilation of muscle cars and tuners. Thankyou everyone who let me use their videos.