Tim Cameron Smokes Ledge in SHOWTIME

TC backed up and hit this ledge like he would in his Razr. Launched the front wheels up and never let them touch until the top. He bent the back to rims but was able to beat them back out with a hammer!!

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OL' 9 Finger T.Parks new Jimmy Smith Motorsports Buggy
Trenton Parks just got his new Jimmy Smith buggy finished. He did a great job with it and he is gonna be one to watch for. Its got a nasty LS engine in it that screams!!

Tim Cameron Spanks Waterfall in SHOWTIME
TC made this nasty little ledge look like a walk in the park. Its pretty violent and most people really struggle to climb it.

Ethan Tanner on Insane Vertical Climb
Ethan was determined to make it to the top of this nasty wall but when he finally got to the top he broke a axle shaft on the passenger side. Click Here for Madram11 T-Shirts http://madram11productions.com/mr11store/

Tim Cameron Runs Over GO PRO In SHOWTIME
Hid the GO PRO under a ledge and TC rode right into it. Luckily there was an undercut and he never touched the GO PRO. I think its a pretty cool view.