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Peugeot 406 replica Ferarri F 430 Limuzin.VIP-LIM изготовлен в Украине компанией VIP-LIM, Наша компания специализируется на изготовлении роскошных лимузинов в Украине.Изготовление ретро-лимузинов,изготовление карет-лимузинов. Изготовление реплик спортивных автомобилей. Производство лимузинов любой сложности. Изготовление лимузинов в Украине на базе различных марок Hummer лимузин,Lincoln лимузин,Сadillac лимузин,chrysler лимузин,porsche лимузин, mercedes лимузин. Из любого автомобиля мы профессионально изготовим лимузин в Украине. На каждую из наших работ мы даём гарантию Производство лучших диско-салонов в 3D стиле с применением только качественных материалов и новейших технологий. По изготовлению лимузинов наша компания занимает первое место в Европе. Подробнее на сайте Peugeot 406 replica Ferarri F 430,Limuzin,Ferrari limuzin, Моя партнерская программа VSP Group. Подключайся!

FERRARI limousine home made - Peugeot 407
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Hire the Ferrari Limo: The stretch Ferrari limo is one of the most exotic and prestige limo in the UK, which is now available for hire right here! The stretched Ferrari Modena 360 limo is a one of a kind - this website shows off just a little of this magnificent vehicle - the only way to truly appreciate just what it is like to ride in the world's only stretched Ferrari Modena Not only will the stretched Ferrari F1 360 be the world's longest Ferrari, it's also the worlds fastest stretched Ferrari F1 360 it will be the most technically advanced limo built to date (soon to be entered into the Guinness book of world records). AUDI R8 LIMO - LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LIMO:

Top 10 Most Coolest Limousines In The World
10. Chrysler Prowler Limo: Chrysler Prowler Limousine is one-of-a-kind Prowler limousine that can fit two passengers up front and four at the back. The vehicle comes with a hard top incorporating a sliding ragtop, Lambo-style front doors and suicide rear doors. 9. PT Cruiser Wedding Limo: This wedding limo is designed to haul a bride and her massive gown to the wedding venue. It is made out of a stretched PT Cruiser. This limousine is built for comfort and elegance. 8. Limobike: Queensland-based Wildlife Tours are well-known for their cool Harley Davidson transport services. The Limo-Bike by Wildfire Tours is unique. This quirky vehicle can seat eight people. 7. Porsche Cayenne Limo: The stretched 12-seat Porsche Cayenne Limousine is an epitome of style and class. It has five LED TVs in the back. A touch screen control panel enables you to choose your own music. You can choose from 8,500 songs. The limousine features climate controls, lighting controls and a full-length bar area. 6. Triple Axle Hummer H2 Limo: The triple Axle 8-Wheel Hummer Stretch Limo is the world’s first nightclub on wheels. It features two VIP lounges, Gullwing doors, disco floors and ceilings, and a level 5 sound system. The vehicle does around five miles to the gallon. 5. Ferrari 360 Limo: Ferrari 360 Limo is the world’s one and only stretched Ferrari F1 360 limousine. According to some experts, it is the most technically advanced limousine built to date. This unique car was designed by Dan Cawley. 4. 2014 Range Rover Limo: This Range Rover Limo is a stunning 18-passenger vehicle. It is the ultimate in luxury transportation. It features cool jet doors, pearl white paint, fiber optic interior lighting and sound system. 3. Lamborghini Aventador Limo: It is powered by a 6.5 liter, 700 hp V12 engine. The vehicle has four scissor doors, plasma screens, iPod docks, a surround sound system and much more. 2. Mini Cooper XXL Limo: Mini Cooper’s 6-meter long Mini Cooper XXL was built by a specialist coach builder in Los Angeles. To accommodate the extra body length, the vehicle is supported by a third rear axle that has two additional wheels. The most stunning feature is a whirlpool at it's rear section. 1. Chevrolet Corvette Limousine: hevrolet Corvette Limousine is a unique vehicle. Made by Big Limos, this limousine is stretched up to 220”. It took seven months to make this vehicle. The vehicle has Gullwing door in the middle. Optic fiber lights, stainless steel sealing and 4 flat screens and much more things. IMAGE SOURCE: "GOOGLE SEARCH" SOURCE: