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BMW X6 Jet Door limo limousine -

Rinspeed's first underwater Car
Rinspeed will present its new sQuba, the worlds first diving car, at the Geneva Motor Show (March 6-16). The car is not only able to drive on roads autonomously with a push of a button (thus without a driver, passenger or further assistance), but can also transform into an amphibious vehicle which can be submerged in water up to 10 meters (33 feet). An electric motor with powerful torque drives the rear wheels, while the propulsion on the water is ensured by two propellers in the stern and two powerful jet drives in the bow propelling the vehicle under water while diving. When underwater, the driver and passenger are enclosed in the vehicle thanks to light weight body components made of futuristic Carbon Nano Tubes and are supplied with fresh breathing air by the self-contained on-board system. For more automotive news: Follow us on Facebook:

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Hire the Ferrari Limo: The stretch Ferrari limo is one of the most exotic and prestige limo in the UK, which is now available for hire right here! The stretched Ferrari Modena 360 limo is a one of a kind - this website shows off just a little of this magnificent vehicle - the only way to truly appreciate just what it is like to ride in the world's only stretched Ferrari Modena Not only will the stretched Ferrari F1 360 be the world's longest Ferrari, it's also the worlds fastest stretched Ferrari F1 360 it will be the most technically advanced limo built to date (soon to be entered into the Guinness book of world records). AUDI R8 LIMO - LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR LIMO: