E30 325i straight pipes 2

SOLD ... My former track car project with the Exhaust I bought it with. No cat, no muffler, just a resonator out back . Equal length headers, dual Exhaust.

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Bmw e30 325 straight pipe with borla exhaust
via YouTube Capture

E30 Magnaflow/Straight Pipes
2.5L M20 Miller MAF Gen1, 19# Injectors Long Tube headers - 3" Y-pipe - 3" straight - Magnaflow single in dual out I sold the Exhaust. can be found here on another e30. http://www.flickr.com/photos/mvshutter90/6047452985/in/photostream ^*I am not affiliated with this video*

Sick BMW E30 Straight Pipe Exhaust Redline HD|325i
Straight pipe E30 with a header/chip.

BMW 325i muffler delete
Muffler was cut off and replaced with straight pipes