1200 Datsun with 4AGZE turbo dyno

Making 146kw ATW right there, that's about 195kw at the flywheel

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1200 Datsun with 4AGZE turbo dyno 2
Making 146 kw at the wheels, goes like a mofo.

1980 Toyota Corolla TE72 4AGZE Turbo back in the day (1999).....3TC 4AGE 2J 1J
This is our first backyard turbo Project back in 1999. This is a 1980 Toyota Corolla 2 door. It comes stock with a carburated 3TC. We have done an engine swap with a imported JDM fuel injected 4AGZE supercharged motor out of a MR2. The motor had been rebuilt and converted to turbo. . This whole project was done in my backyard with the help of my boy Guillermo. This car went through alot of changes. It went from a stock 3tc. To a built 40/over 3tc all motor with dual side draft webber carbs, to a stock Fuel injected 4AGE (from an 87 GTS) swap and then finally the turbo Charged 4AGZE setup. This Video is the day we got it running and tuned for the first time. This was FAR from the finished product. Unfortuantley I wrecked the car (someone t-boned me) and I never got pictures or video of the finished off super clean car. The car had full interior with TV and playstation molded into the dash and glove box, full stereo system, 75 shot of NOS, and was Boosting 21lbs on high Boost. I had greddy Boost control, greddy turbo timer, Full 6AL MSD ignition, 16" classic Panasport rims, Eibach suspesion and tokico shocks. There was full ACT race clutch kit, Toyota Supra rear end with rear caliper/rotor swap I changed EVERYTHING in this car! Nothing was used or stock. We also had custom turbo piping welded in and chromed at the end and the whole top of the motor was chromed. The Intercooler is from an Isuzu MPR box turbo diesel box truck. It was cut and welded to fit in my car and the Greddy blow off valve was welded to the side of the Intercooler behind the grill. For what the this car was it was very reliable and FAST! People underestimated it alot. Top End was ridiculous and it handled AWESOME! was a fun car to drive and I miss it. After it was totaled I pulled the motor out and starting to rebuild another body, but the car never ran the same and I never finsihed it and sold it. This was only 1 of many Toyota Corolla projects I owned. I probably had over 20 of these cars ranging in years from 1980-1983 classic 2te to the 1985-1987 Corolla GTS Twincams. I had 2 turbo corollas this one and a 1987 turbo charge gts with a 4age motor. This one was my favorite project of them all. I also built 2 turbo Honda civic project later on. Honda cannot hang with the true power of oldskool RWD toyota power!

DX Turbo Dyno 2014
370@430 Dyno: ST Heikkilä OY Tune: Aitto Film: Jeemu Photo Sound: Boosted 4age

corolla AE86 turbo driftclub,gr D-Project
driver Stathis Papargyropoulos