Hayabusa Track day At "Mid Ohio" Part 1

NESBA runs Mid Ohio and this is my first trip to the track.. this track should be on your bucket list Part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7vNKviS-2Y

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Tracktest Suzuki Hayabusa "Mr. Hayabusa" E

Laguna Seca Sept 2013 Hayabusa, off the track at the Corkscrew
Laguna Seca track day September 2013 on a Hayabusa with Rossi pass through Corkscrew. Busa is a 2012 model, showroom stock. I ran wide at the Corkscrew trying to pass Sam and didn't anticipate how much it was going to throw my line off.

Hayabusa Track day at Mid Ohio Part 2
Mid Ohio on 5/10/10 with NESBA after a few laps with a control rider to learn the circuit..

600cc's will KILL a HAYABUSA on TRACK and TWISTIES.....Shut UP!
This argument never made much sense to me.Really how often do most guys go to the track.And how many of us even have twisties and tracks around.And for the record i think 600cc are great bikes i just think the people who always use this argument lack perspective. Leave a comment and subscribe for more videos.