850HP Silver Bullet - Buick Turbo-T Walk Around and Start Up

Walk around and start up of Buick turbo-T PT-88 4-bolt turbo 25psi, 4inch downpipe + Exhaust, 850 horsepower 1/4 mile in 8.80 at 156mph 3,345 lbs with driver

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Buick T -TYPE - 8 SECOND BUICK - 30 LBS Boost - 100 LBS Injectors - 4K Interview
The owner of this car used to work in the most popular GN shop that would modify performance of Grand Nationals. We see Why

Boost Films SFL - Buick T-Type goes 8.32 @ 178mph Test & Tune [HD]
While at PBIR we met up with these 2 awesome guys (Owner/builder & Tuner) with their simply gorgeous T-Type. Unexpectedly this thing ran 8.32 without even breaking a sweat! Coolest thing about this car we were told that it was built in the owners garage! Check it out don't forget to like, comment, share and subscribe!

Buick T-Type Silver Bullet Carlisle
Paul Castle unloading the 8 sec Silver Bullet at the Carlisle, PA GM Nationals 6-21-13

Girl Freaks OUT in Turbo BUICK!!!
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