M45 Stillen Quad 2 Start + Rev

06 M45 Stillen custom Quad Start + Rev

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Stillen 370Z Supercharger Compilation www.fiveclip.com
Random video compilation of the SC. www.fiveclip.com

How To with Kyle Millen: STILLEN Nissan Maxima Front Lip Install
How To with Kyle Millen: STILLEN Nissan Maxima Front Lip Install A common complaint with fitment on our Nissan Maxima Front Lip is usually just due to incorrect installation. Here is a quick video to easily walk you through the proper way to install this front lip. If you have any more questions regarding our Nissan Maxima Urethane Front Lip, feel free to call us at (866) 250-5542 or visit http://www.stillen.com

2008 Infiniti G37S with Stillen Gen 3 Ultra Long Intakes: Review by Nguyễn Lam-Sơn
UPDATE: My car's newest lights, will be making a video soon! Pics are on page 1 & 3 http://www.myg37.com/forums/g37-coupe/228682-g37s-coupe-quad-bi-xenon-retro fitted-headlights-w-iron-man.html This is a review I made on the Stillen Gen 3 Ultra Long Intakes for the 2008 G37S Coupe. Here I show how the car sounds before and after the installation of the intakes. I do not own any of the music tracks in the video, all of those are credited to their owners. I also have a few pictures of my car showing some of the exterior mods for it as well. Please watch, subscribe, comment, and leave me some feedback. Tell me what you think of my car and if you have any opinions or even ideas for what should come next. I will do more reviews in the futures as new modifications are completed.

STILLEN 370Z Dual Cat-Back Stainless Exhaust System
Comparison between the new STILLEN 370Z Cat-Back Exhaust System and the OEM 370Z Exhaust. Dyno shows +18whp over stock. http://www.stillen.com/product.asp?id=STISSEXH17&c=PE&m=all