Buick Skylark 455 Accelerating

NOTE : At 70mph (115km), Car Shifts into Drive, and than I drop it back down into 2nd. Shifting done at 4500rpm. Buick accelerating to about 105mph (170km). Enjoy. Mods Include the Following : MSD Distributor, Blaster 2 Coil, MSD Super Comp Wires 8.5mm, 650 Qjet Carb 4bbl, Dual Exhaust with X-Pipe Cross-over with new Flowmaster 40's and Tuned Tail Tips. Timing Re-curved and Advanced initial / total timing. Car has 2.90 Rear Gears, 3 Speed Auto (TH400) with Shift kit. Enjoy the video!

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1965 Buick Skylark GS Convertible for Sale w/ Wildcat 445
Visit http://www.leftcoastclassics.com/1965-buick-gs-convertible/ to see this cool classic 1965 Buick Gran Sport Convertible for sale from Left Coast Classics in Sonoma California. This beautiful classic Buick GS was purchased and restored by it's most current California owner nearly 20 years ago. Garage kept, driven gently and sparingly as a fair-weather car. Restoring the car began shortly after purchasing and included paint, interior & top, engine rebuild, and most all mechanicals. While an older restoration, it was nicely done and has held up well. We have a large amount of service and maintenance records dating the cars' California life back to 1994. Prior to that it was in it's home state of Maryland in the neighborhood of the original owner. Included as well are the original books, maintenance/service cards, Purchase Invoice and hand written order sheet. Visit the link above for full details and to see the many photos of this classic Buick - then give me a call with your best offer: Donn Dabney 707-332-8331 Thanks for watching our Buick GS walk around and engine sound video - please leave a nice big thumbs up and a like on this mighty cool classic Skylark GS convertible! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leftcoastclassics Google+: https://plus.google.com/115639340856344439203 Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hyh68vZd_UQ Test Drive Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfm3myWB1EQ

Buick Skylark Built 455 Big Cam, 584HP
1972 Buick Skylark with Built 455 Bored +.030" = 462ci Who Likes these Mufflers?? I do like them. Super deep sound in person. Engine is available to order as a Crate Engine! 584HP / 575TQ TA SE1 Heads & SPX Intake,Custom Solid Flat Tappet Cam, Stock Rods & Crank, 10:1 Compression, Demon 850 Annular Carb. Running through 2 1/2" Exhaust Still. But I like the sound more and more. Questions on needing a Buick built? Call anytime. Thanks for watching. Brew's Engines, LLC 763-458-7296 www.brewsenginesllc.com "Maximum Performance Is Not Achieved By Shortcuts!"

66 Buick Skylark 455er Oldsmobile Rocket Motor
V8 Sound

JOHNNYLARK'S Stage-1 Buick 455 Skylark with "TA286-08H" Camshaft & 1.6 Rockers!!! 5-30-2013
This was a COOL DAY! I finally met "Johnnylark" of V8buick.com at the Home Depot Parking Lot MUSCLE CAR MEET. YOU MUST SEE THE "entrance" Johnnylark made with this Buick 455 Stage-1 Skylark's TA PERFORMANCE "286-08H" cam CHOPPING like crazy accompanied by his TA PERFORMANCE 1.6 ROCKERS! Johnny & his COOL son "John" made my day. In the video I recorded prior to this one ... I stated that there's NO Buick Muscle Cars attending ... and felt disappointed until I heard ... we ALL heard this Buick 455 Stage-1 chopping "Sinister-Like." This is a very similar cam to that I have in my '87 Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal (currently at the Dyno Shop). The guy in the white wife-beater suggesting that Johnny "reverse it in," actually stated a few seconds before that ... "A car like THIS shouldn't be over there by itself." Classic! JOHNNY IS THE COOLEST!!!