2009 Comptech Supercharged Honda Civic SI

Video of a 2009 Comptech supercharged honda Civic SI www.phillylurk.com

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Getting on it in the Supercharged Civic Si
Just taking my sister out for a ride in the car. LMAO at my driving face. Changes since my Dyno tune: Added an Aftercooler from MercRacing and retuned with timing added since my temps are much lower. AEM Wideband installed too. ...and as you can tell my tires suck with this much power. I really need to upgrade... I don't normally spin in 2nd with the S.Drives but on any sort of turn I do.

2007 Civic Si Kraftwerks supercharged - Super sleeper
This is a stock Civic Si, Kraftwerks Supercharger, Skunk 2 header, Custom catalytic converter, Q300 Exhaust. This not only runs very smooth , it's very quiet ! With a 3" and no cat it will make 20-30 whp more, but this has a nice OEM type feel.

400 HP Comptech Supercharged Honda Civic SI - One Take
We've always liked the Honda Civic Si, even if we've never loved it. The inputs are great, the outputs? Not so much. So, this one is mostly stock except for a Comptech Supercharger and E85 conversion, putting down 400 HP!

CT-E Supercharged VitTuned Setup - Install Compilation - Civic Si Fa5
Install Compilation video I filmed progressively through the process. Music Credit: 1) Started from the bottom Instrumental - Drake 2) 0-100 Instrumental - Drake 3) Trophies Instrumental - Drake