Chevy Sonic Test Drive by Travis Tetting

I WON THIS CAR THANKS TO THE BEST FAMILY AND FRIENDS A GUY COULD HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my test drive of the Chevy Sonic for the Chevy Sonic Videofest contest. This was written, choreographed, directed, and edited by Travis Tetting. Film work was done by my lovely wife Jenny Tetting. Sound and driving was by Al Kluz. Car was graciously supplied by Heiser Chevrolet at10200 West Arthur Avenue, West Allis, WI, who granted me permission to use their name in this video.

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55 degree F Winter day in Wisconsin. Late night lonely training. New flipHD cam from Goodwill!

Getting Back to 100% Pt. 1
I'm coming up to a year now of recovery, 7 months since my last surgery. This footage is from March of 2014. I'm not sure if I will return to where I was, but it's tHEE UNsEEN work that will get me there if it's possible. Not always interesting, not always entertaining, but always necessary.

when was the last time...
Good training.

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