Subaru articulation!

Going through a rather difficult place for a little car. Lots of ditches and bumps and all that. Lots of tire lifting!

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Going For A Small Swim With My Subaru
My definition of swimming might be very different than yours. ;) Just going through a puddle of water that's about 12" deep. With my 27" tires and 2" lift kit, I can go in even deeper water than that. But I don't know, this is just a short clip of having some fun, haha. Once the water level reaches the rocker panels, it leaks into the inside. :( And it takes forever to clean out. Still, without my lift kit, I wouldn't have made it through this puddle. :D

testing the limits of my Subaru L series, nearly roll it!
4x4 Dual Range Subaru, Kumho 14" KL71 27x8.50, 2" lift, King Springs

SUBARU 's offroad @ Tuff Truck Competition - Clark County Fair 2008
Some of the Subarus at the 2008 Clark County (Washington) Fair Tuff Truck Competition. These clips are in my other 3 vids, but I was asked to make a vid of just the Subaru competitors. 3 wagons and one hatchback sedan. Good Stuff !

NW Washington offroad - SJR (Scott) and Yohn
Going down lower mainline