Crossfire magnaflow exhaust

Magnaflow Exhaust system for Chrysler Crossfire

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Cleetus "Twin Turbskies" T-Shirts - Welp... all videos don't come out perfect, and that's exactly what happened here :/ Check out the video and you'll see what happened. We were just out there doing it for Dale, had a good time none the less! P.S. - Waiting on parts for my RAM, and the shifter kart will be in a video next week :) Cooper's YouTube -

Chrysler Crossfire stock exhaust vs crossfire no muffler
Only muffler deleted. Exhaust tip 2x100mm Крайслер кроссфаер стоковый выхлоп и выхлоп без глушителя. Вместо глушителя установлена насадка 2х100мм

2006 Chrysler Crossfire with Magnaflow kit (16633) installed by Kinney's
Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Flo~Pro, DT Sports, Ansa, Vortec, K&N, AFE, Air Raid, Tunnel Ram, Street Demon and much much more at Kinney's! Visit our spectacular website to see why Kinney's is one of our nations premier Exhaust centers. Like us on facebook to recieve all of our latest promotions and project completion photos.

Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow Exhaust
Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow-Sportauspuff, 30mm Tieferlegung von H&R und FSW Primo Felgen (VA 8x18" / HA 9x19"). HA 25mm Spurverbreiterung pro Seite, vorne keine. Es folgen vorne 15er Platten, Hinten 40er Platten (immer pro Seite).