Crossfire magnaflow exhaust

Magnaflow Exhaust system for Chrysler Crossfire

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Chrysler Crossfire stock exhaust vs crossfire no muffler
Only muffler deleted. Exhaust tip 2x100mm Крайслер кроссфаер стоковый выхлоп и выхлоп без глушителя. Вместо глушителя установлена насадка 2х100мм

Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow Exhaust
Chrysler Crossfire Roadster mit Magnaflow-Sportauspuff, 30mm Tieferlegung von H&R und FSW Primo Felgen (VA 8x18" / HA 9x19"). HA 25mm Spurverbreiterung pro Seite, vorne keine. Es folgen vorne 15er Platten, Hinten 40er Platten (immer pro Seite).

Chrysler Crossfire | Flowmaster Super 44
Nice little Exhaust clip of how my car sounds when driving. If you haven't watched my other videos, this is a Flowmaster Super 44 Muffler with stock tips. The only other mod I have involving performance are Twin Cold Air Intakes. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. If you liked it, I would apperciate a thumbs up. Also if you want, subscribe to my channel for more videos on my car.

Ligne MagnaFlow Chrysler Crossfire
Ligne MagnaFlow Chrysler Crossfire