Hungary police cars

Ungarn polizei autos, Magyar rendőrautok Hungarian police cars Forrás:

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Sergeant Cooper the Police Car - Real City Heroes (RCH) - Videos For Children
RCH is all about our city heroes - policemen, firefighters, ambulance crew and even a garbage truck. In this cartoon you will meet Sergeant Cooper the Police Car who will take you around the city to make sure everything is okay. With Sergeant Cooper you will pull over a speeding car, help a car with a bent wheel and at the end catch a bad guy! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Google+ © 2015, Real City Heroes (RCH), Sergeant Cooper the Police Car, Episode 2. © 2015, coilbook™ | Learning is easy when it's fun!™, iCoilbook™ | coilbook international, coildot™ Soundtracks are licensed by coilbook “Stock media provided by [Nikitaka]/“ “Stock media provided by [Botabateau]/“ “Stock media provided by [Aif]/“ “Stock media provided by [ComposerAdrian]/“ “Stock media provided by [STARTsound]/“ “Stock media provided by [RamazanYuksel]/“

Hungarian Police Cars
A magyar rendőrség állományában levő gépjárművekről egy pár kép! :) Zenék: EINS ZWEI POLIZEI - MO-DO BAD BOYS - BOB MARLEY Készítette: Martin Készült: 2011.04.02.

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