More testing the 2012 setup.

Not a very good video but we just wanted to quickly share videos from the test drive. All major problems are now solved and we just need to find a little bit more power and we are ready to go racing. Only 2 bar Boost in this video.

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NEZ Round1 by Black Smoke Media
Video by Music: Fox - Alone Our edit from NEZ round one. Our race was unfortunately quite short. And for everybody that misunderstood us: We are not changing car but we will start making one more. This car is not gona go anywhere. We will continue to repair it and drive with it.

BSR Gearbox video (English text)
Finally the we got the English translation.

Garbage Garage / 002 / Daily driver is back!
Behold, the daily driver is back!!!

Two Laps with Teemu on Rudskogen Raceway