More testing the 2012 setup.

Not a very good video but we just wanted to quickly share videos from the test drive. All major problems are now solved and we just need to find a little bit more power and we are ready to go racing. Only 2 bar Boost in this video.

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How to make a turbo diesel drift car out of a Mercedes estate wagon, Teemu Peltola Teemu Peltola explaining the changes made to the suspension, steering and engine. Simple How to make a turbo Charged diesel Estate wagon suitable for drifting video.

TEEMU PELTOLA from BLACK SMOKE RACING // Gatebil Mantorp 2013 extra
Teemu Peltola, Black Smoke Racing @ Mantorp Park 'LIKE' AND SUBSCRIBE for more! Subtitles: Eetzi (ENG) Nosliw_ (SWE) EETZI PRODUCTIONS BAMSE'S turbo UNDERPANTS

Dirty the Pooh, Chapter One
Dirty the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Shitpile, Chapter One. Jim Dale seems to be getting more and more belligerent in his old age. Image Credits: Title Splash - dirtylittlehouseelf Jimtastic mspaint portrait of Jim Dale - froggycompany Unimaginably sexy Jim Dalenapple - Carltheshivan All originally posted in the forums.

Becx-TDS Racing: Semi Truck Drift Gymkhana 1
Becx-TDS Racing presents: SEMI TRUCK DRIFT GYMKHANA 1: THE EPIC RIG Shot on the epic playground from Fursten Forest(Germany) this video features the most incredible skills with a 1100BHP powered semi truck; drifting, burning rubber, donuts, exploded glass, Segway's; Take a look en be surprised what Michiel Becx can do with his heavy Semi Truck! Visit us at for more pix and vid's Produced by daVinciMedia