CAR CHASE from "Brannigan" - '75

I am informed the stunt driver who did the LEAP was Peter Brayham - one of British TV and movies' top stuntmen/co-ordinators of the Sixties. Joe Wadham MIGHT have been involved in the street work - he worked on "Robbery" and many other contemporary British movies.

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John Wayne tears up streets of London
1974 Ford Capri 3000 GT MkII, 1964 Jaguar S-Type, 1969 Plymouth Fury, 1966 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Litre 2+2 Series I in Brannigan, 1975

Yorkshire Police chase. Escort mk2 Mini Allegro
Escort Vs Mini Allegro Vs Honda 50

The Driver Car Chase 2 (1978) HD
The Driver on the VaRaces database for fair use: &Itemid=521 Walter Hill's 1978 cult film The Driver still ranks as one of the all-time greatest cinematic police chases thanks to the raw driving skill on display and visceral filming style. It was an instrumental inspiration for the Driver video game series as well as Nicolas Winding's Drive, which some consider as a spiritual successor. Visit us: Like us on Facebook:

Best Car Chase EVER
From the comedy 'Short Time' with Dabney Coleman, Matt Frewer and Teri Garr. Overall, considering all factors, I find this the best car chase scene ever filmed. NOTE: Coleman's car here is NOT a Diplomat. The grille in this red car says Plymouth. As the chase was filmed in Canada where the Plymouth Gran Fury was sold as the 'Caravelle' from 1978-1982, and as the 'Caravelle Salon' from 1983-89, it might be a Caravelle. But the fender emblems were removed, so we can't say for certain that it isn't a US-market Gran Fury. See for more specs.