Friend of mine driving Ferrari F430 in Monaco

Jorben driving Ferrari F430 in Monaco. Summer 2007.

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start up & drives Ferrari F430, Scuderia 16M & 599
these cars are at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. the second F430 was a beautiful red.

(HD) Ferrari F430 madness - Great sound! Monaco/Cannes
Just such an extreem sounding Ferrari, i really like the sound when the F430 is just passing by! What do you think? I saw these Ferrari F430's in Monaco and Cannes, and the most of time the owner just didn't accelerate much, but the sound that was coming out of the Exhaust just stayed lovely! The Ferrari F430 has 490 bhp, a 0-100km/h (0-60mph) time in 4.00 seconds, and a topspeed of 315 km/h ! Just some great statistics ! Please tell me your opinion about the Ferrari F430! FACEBOOK: 696117233490 SUBCHANNEL: Thanks! Sjoerd © Swsthebest1994 CarChannel!

New Ferrari 599 GTO V12 Extreme Sound w/ Downshift !
My brother called me and said there was a 599 GTO in our town (Hengelo). I immediately went to this lovely car, and made some footage's. After a few minutes, the owner arrived and drove, together with his friends in a Q7 V12 and a Porsche 997 GT3, away with a lovely soundtrack. Nice detail; The person in the Q7 V12 is a famous Dutch (ex) F1-driver; Christijan Albers. I hope you will like this video

9 Rarest Cars In The World And Their Price Tags
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