Black Impreza WRX snow plowing

A black Subaru Impreza WRX plowing the snow in a superstore's parking area

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STI helping pull out a stuck xterra
My buddy and I driving around having fun in our STIs during the 2011 oklahoma blizzard. Snow tires for the win!

Subaru is coming...
The start of making video for Subaru in action.

My 06 Subaru 3.0 LLBean crossing a stream
Out camping with my cousin. We wanted to go hiking and had to cross this stream to get there. This was the return trip after the snow had melted a bit causing the stream to rise another inch or two.

The Snow Plow Show - April 24th, 2016 - Falling Off The Potato Wagon
UtahKurt is responsible for RBCP falling off the potato wagon today and calling up a bunch of lube job customers who refused to get angry about the horrible things I did inside their cars. Lisa Gail update thread Switch Lanes by Emergency Pizza Party Vote for The Snow Plow Show at Ima Goof by Emergency Pizza Party Ode to Aleraan by Glenn Case Support PLA on Patreon! The quickest way to listen to the newest shows from the PLA is to subscribe to the podcast feed. The podcast/RSS feed: Subscribe with iTunes: Listen on your phone with TuneIn: Listen on your phone with Stitcher: CONNECT WITH PLA: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Tumblr: Reddit: Forums: Buy Shirts: Prank Calls Facebook: RBCP's YouTube: RBCP's Homepage: RBCP's DevArt: RBCP's Twitter: