ka24det @ 10psi gopro

skating around ka24det 240sx gopro @ 10 psi fresh build pte 5857 turbo aem series 2 ems brian crower cams supertuch valves ported head https://www.gofundme.com/the-racecar-fund

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T25 Ka24det Drift - via GoPro
Drifting my turbocharged ka24det Check out my channel for more videos

S14 KA-T on 18psi and 25psi
A few runs on low and high Boost settings. 25psi is just a joke in first and second! It ran a little rich on 18psi, but that's cause the tune was set for the 25psi run and running 110 octane!

240sx KA24DE-T First Start

89 240sx hatchback driving around ka24det 7psi
Driving my 89 240sx KA24DET sr20 T25 @7psi. i almost lose control, open differentials really suck!