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ka24det @ 10psi

skating around ka24det 240sx gopro @ 10 psi fresh build pte5857 turbo aem series 2 ems brian crower cams


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KA Engine VS. SR Engine "Build-Off"

s14 ka24det first start
well its being almost two years now and cayenne is still kicking and screaming. she ended up making 338hp and 310tq at 12pds. the ka was built by jeff beezer from www.theengineshopinc.com in upper darby, pa. the ka was built to with stand over 30 lbs of Boost all day. currently she is running of the wastegate spring at about 7 lbs good for 275 hp and 270 tq. did i mention this s14 is a daily driver. it is the october car for the www.nicoclub.com 2008 calender. and also its the cover car to www.240sx.org if your interested in the full build. type in kaleo55 on the nico forum search bar. on last thing to answer everybody question why we did't have a downpipe connected there is a simple answer for that. "IT WAS THE FIRST TIME WE STARTED THIS FULLY BUILT ENGINE, AND WE WERE BREAKING HER IN". and no it didn't melt the master cylinder. if you want to see my other crazy drifty things just search " jdmwill "

KA24DET 240sx cruise with pulls
Filmed in Baghdad. Driving also in Baghdad

The first part of the drifting fails. Hope you guys enjoy! So make sure you hit that subscribe button to never miss a video! Why not? It's free! If your Video is in this Compilation please contact me to be credited for it or have your part removed, thank you.

The Life of My 240sx
This is for a project in my computer management class. Its just to show what I've done to my car since I bought it back in 10th grade. NOTE TO EVERYONE: THE REASON WHY THE ENGINE BLEW ON ME WAS A PROBLEM IN MY FUEL SYSTEM AND NOT´╗┐ KNOWING. WAS NOT ELITE JDM'S FAULT!! PART TWO TEASER!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld1qYA2Qgl8&feature=youtu.be

mx6gt turbo vs ka24deT s13 240sx turbo
240sx turbo ka24de turbo, t3t4 mx6gt, f2T, turbo gt35r run 1 .... mx6 won run 2 ...mx6 jump no race run 3 ...mx6 gave 240sx headstart and missed shift..240sx won. camera man didnt get the run... run4 ....mx6 won. all in all, close run. mx6 vs sr20 240sx http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mH3JKoGGJ1Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sB7cuINWIDo

Nissan 240sx ka24de-t dyno tunning 10psi
Nissan 240 sx on the Dyno tunning for the streets of Flint Michigan. Tuned and built by Auto Addictions of Rochester Hills Michigan.

hillclimb montee tros marets 2013 nissan silvia drift 1
Pieter Gouwy drifts Nissan Silvia up the hill at tros marets hillclimb

S14 Silvia 240sx KA24DET Turbo KAT KA-T
The summer of 2005, my bro dropped a turbo onto his KA24DE. Running only 7 pounds (wastegate), he was kickin everybody's ass... just look at how fast his car is! He was running a complete bolt-on turbo kit on a stock motor... you can hella hear the turbo SPOOL in the first few clips!!! he WAS wearin a complete S14 Silvia K's Kouki rear end... now his car looks completely different, back to the zenki, but with the JDM skirts and valances... *yes that is his girlfriend in the background SCREAMING haha* ENJOY!

sr20det tial 50mm bov with open dump tube.
custom 3 inch Exhaust, tial 50mm bov, emusa 38mm waste gate , t04e turbo, open screamer pipe "dump tube, drove it at about 5psi didnt want to fully Boost it because it still needs a tune. cars pretty silent until u hit Boost

First Drive Turbo s13 240sx chevy v8 , 6lbs of boost untuned
First drive, untuned. running gt3582r, ms2 3.0 megasquirt http://forums.nicoclub.com/s13-rb25-383-Boost-matafied-s-ride-t368691-30.html

Ka24det Dyno Spen's s14 kouki 240sx: 57 trim @ 15psi 366hp
Dyno'd the car at 15psi on a promo Dyno day. Motor with 9:1 89.5 cp pistons, eagle rods, felpro hg, arp heads and mains, garrett t04b 57 trim, s13 cams, 750cc, custom intake manifold, 366hp/349ftlbs. *It had a bad Boost leak so afr's were a bit off ( leaky 90mm ebay throttle body).

KA24DET project...I has questionz!
I want to know the best way to provide oil and coolant to my Garrett GT35R turbo. I want to know what 15059-v5001 o-ring is for I want to know what 089313041A plug is for I want to know what 089313061A plug is for I want to know how to eliminate all un-neccessary coolant lines and vacuum on my intake! hoary marmot

updated 240sx ka24det
camo ka update ka24det finished and running brian crower stage 3 cams turbosmart precision pte 5857 turbo aem series 2

S13 Sickness!
A video of a few S13s cruising around together. I do not own the video or audio, this was just a recreational video for me since i just got Sony vegas 10 and wanted to make a video. The original video is found here.... http://youtu.be/RythKx-mBJg

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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