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ka24det @ 10psi

skating around ka24det 240sx gopro @ 10 psi fresh build pte5857 turbo aem series 2 ems brian crower cams


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S14 KA-T on 18psi and 25psi
A few runs on low and high Boost settings. 25psi is just a joke in first and second! It ran a little rich on 18psi, but that's cause the tune was set for the 25psi run and running 110 octane!

KA Engine VS. SR Engine "Build-Off"

Nissan 240sx S13 S14 KA24DET Turbo Drain Bung Install Swap Drift Build.mp4
www.240SXTECHDVDS.org Presents; Nissan 240sx S13 or S14 KA24DET turbo Drain Bung Install onto oil pan. This video is Sponsroed by; For all your welding needs contact; speedoholic.anonymous@yahoo.com Keep checking back for more "FREE" videos!

89 240sx hatchback driving around ka24det 7psi
Driving my 89 240sx KA24DET sr20 T25 @7psi. i almost lose control, open differentials really suck!

HX35 KA24DET High Boost Setting - 20psi

240sx ka-t on the streets
cruising on my 240sx ka-t28 at 7psi

fully Built Ka24det 412tq at only 15 psi kouki S14 with a Precision 6262 Turbo 240sx
Fully Built Ka24det with a Precision 62/62 turbo this run is only 15 psi... But the car got tuned for 18 ..... Sounds and runs like a beast...... Love my kouki...had it for almost ten years now....

S14 rb20det vs S13 ka24det
S14 rb20det vs S13 ka24det

Interview with a Nissan 240sx with KA24DE-Turbocharged with fully built motor
Subscribe to my youtube channel: www.RevYourLifeTV.com Interview with 240sx with KA24DE-turbocharged with fully built motor When it spools, it is so loud lol. Take a FREE hipaa approved HEALTH ASSESSMENT test at: www.ericluis.usana.com Like my Facebook page www.facebook.com/servantleadershipinternational USANA Nutrition: http://www.EricLuis.USANA.com

brian crower stage 3 cams ka24de turbo first start
camo ka24det first start 240sx ka24de pte 5857 precion turbo aem ems brian crower stage 3 cams turbo smart vee port id1000cc msd brian crower stage 3 cams aem tru Boost 240sx camo ka eagle rods turbosmart sticker bomb

240SX Red Burnout
***Like my decals?? Go to www.stupid5tickers.com !!*** Just roasting my red smokies! lol They are Khumo Ecsta colored smoke tires. NOT street legal... lol 388WHP + 352TQ @20 lbs. Rocker arm stoppers, HKS GT2530 turbo, 550cc injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump, hks turbo timer, hks digital Boost controller, godspeed Intercooler, Z32 MAF, and custom tuned by L2I Performance. :)

240sx sr20det 11.6 et 16lbs boost
englishtown 10/29/10... daily driver, rain or snow, 93 octane

500hp S14 240sx nissan Kouki ka24det
Dohc AEM EMS 60trim on E85. 415whp 425 ft lbs torque over 515 horsepower @ the crank. Check out Prentiss Racing on Facebook, or FaceBook TwoFortyDrift www.facebook.com/prentissracing The KA24deT DOHC 2.64L (2.4L stock) 4-cyl. Is running 21psi at low Boost and 25psi at high Boost on a garrett racing Super 60 (.60 a/r) turbo, and E85-Ethanol fuel. Depending on settings and Boost I am running, horsepower is 485bhp to 516bhp on a Dyno. Today the setting is 24psi @ 515bhp 425RwHP and 458ft TQ, this is the setting reflected in Dyno. Sheet and video, but with a new transmission and fresh ACT 6 puck extreme. Here Are most of the mods done to the vehicle: - CP turbo Piston 90mm 9.0.1 bored -Eagle rods - Garrett T3/T4 60mm trim turbo (Garrett Super 60) -Cometic 2mm MLS head gasket - Tuned Running AEM Engine Management System- (Stand Alone Engine Management system replaces entire Factory ECU, Infinitely Tunable EMS via Laptop in car! Also Data Logs and reads out Real Time at the same time) - ARP Head stud -ACL Race Bearing -FIC's 1100cc High Impedance injectors -AEM fuel rail - Aeromotive Adjustable fuel regulator - Greddy Type R Bov -Tial 38mm wastegate - AEM EMS MAF - Chevy Ls1 V8 3.5 bar Map -Walbro 255 fuel pump (lph) and Secondary Walbro 255lph inline under body fuel pump - 3" Tannebee Exhaust - custom 3" down-pipe - Custom turbo manifold - Greddy short shifter - Top speed Pro 1 motor mount -Top speed Pro 1 Transmission Mount - Mishimoto Aluminum 3 core Race radiator - Mishimoto dual electric fans - ACT 6 puck Extreme clutch - 10000K HID Headlight KIT - Greddy shift knob - JP manual Boost Controller - Apex-i digital turbo timer - Cobalt Autometer Boost gauge - Cobalt Autometer oil pressure gauge - AEM Digital 6 in 1 wide-band gauge - Energy suspension sway bar poly. bushings - Front Mount Intercooler Greddy - 3" JDM Silvia intake - Eibach Sport line kit - Tokico shocks and adjustable Tokico suspension - 5 lug conversion - z32 front brake caliper (i.e. 300z big brake kit) -z32 front drill slot rotor(again 300z big brake kit) - new brake pad ( front + rear ) - new water pump - new thermostat - Fidanza 11.2lb Flywheel - Rear toe bars adjustable -Megan Racing Rear Upper Strut Tower Bar -Megan Racing 3tube Polished Front Upper Strut bar - rear seats and panels removed - 17" rims with Dunlop Direzza tires -S15 Silvia 2-way NISMO LSD R200 Rear end/ 30 spline JDM Silvia s14 axles -Top Speed Pro 1"A- Carriage/sub frame" for 5-speed conversion - Wiring Harness reduction. - Fuel: E85 only. - Port and Polished Head -Re-polish of Deck - 3 angle Valve job - Nissan S15 Front Seats - PTP T/4 turbo Blanket -Eibach bushings -K- sport hydraulic hand brake - 98mm tiega shifter extension - upgraded 15/16th brake master Cylinder - Dyno tuned

S13 Top Speed And Engine Failure
testing top speed of 200SX S13 1.8 turbo CA18DET ... blown engine at 240kmh (actual GPS verified speed - rear tires were bigger than stock)... conrod broke in 5th gear at 6400rpm (at top speed and peak power) and was launched trough engine block... on german autobahn, ofcourse... ;) ;) ;) btw... the car was bought for some spare parts, we knew the engine was not that good, but checked all the fluids...after the engine blew it acctualy didnt matter, I really dont like CA engines anyway... right now i have 3 S13's (1 CA i 2 SR) and 1 build S14 SR...

First Drive KA24DET 240SX
First ride around the block with the KA24DET. T3/T4 turbo full of awesomeness. 7 PSI (TIAL 38MM) OPEN DUMP Boost DESIGNS MANIFOLD MR TYPE 2 Exhaust 3" T3/T4 .57 TRIM .60 A/R DW 550CC INJECTORS Z32 MAF CalumSult RT ECU Walbro 255 Pump

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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