1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible Auction (Updated)

1972 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible selling at public auction on December 29th, 2010 by Auctioneer Michael Hoffman. See www.spiffyauctions.com for more details.

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Noisy Mercury Cougar 1971
Unloading, driving and parking dads new car :)

1973 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible - 11214 Original Miles
Compilation of individual videos showing overall condition of exterior, interior, engine bay and trunk of car.

1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Hardtop in Black & Engine Start Up on My Car Story with Lou Costabile
On "My Car Story" we're at The Daily Herald Cruise Night at Stratford Square Mall in Bloomingdale IL on 7-20-16. We're looking at a 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser Hardtop in black paint with gold anodized trim strips in the car's rear fins. The car's Owner is Bill Konieczny. Bill’s had the car since 1988. He was looking for a unique car and reading a paper for selling cars he spotted this car and thought it was different. The car has some amazing features like: 1) a "Breezeway" power rear window that could be lowered to improve ventilation. 2) "twin jet" air intakes at upper corners of car's windshield letting in outside air. 3) “seat-o-matic" automatically remembering and adjusting the seat. 4) an average speed "computer" that would tell your average speed at any point along a trip. ENJOY!

'72 Mercury Cougar in action
1972 Mercury Cougar Convertible