1972 Gran Torino Sport 429

My Dad bought this car about 20 years ago. It was set up to drag race at the track. He bought strictly for racing. It was races for about 5 years and has sat in a garage for the 15 years. Well today she moved on her own power!! I had to replace some brake lines, clean out the gas tank and a lil bit of motor work. Some Exhaust, tires, wheels license and insurance, it will be ready for some Sunday cruising.

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Johnson's 72 Ford Gran Torino
Taking the 72 ford for a test spin. Turning over some serious rubber!

'72 FORD GRAN TORINO Sport V8-429
FOR SALE http://www.marinmarin.com/marin/

1972 Grand Torino Sport Factory N code 429 4 BBL
1972 Torino Grand Sport test drive around the block. N code 429 4V Sold - Went to Germany

Godzillatorino dyno pull 1972 Gran Torino Torino Iron Heads 466 452 rwhp
Unedited Dyno pull, Trouble shifting to 3rd so power and Torque is from about 4000 rpm , Me thinks a bigger carb is in order. 452HP @5800