Audi S4 Christmas Surprise

Follow me on Facebook here! For the holiday season, my mother-in-law surprised my father-in-law with the ultimate Christmas gift. My wife and I helped her pick out his dream car and then we stashed it in a family member's garage. The whole family was in on the big surprise, and Christmas Eve we all met for a family party. When my in-laws pulled up to the party, we were all hanging out on the front lawn. My father-in-law walked up to the drive way, and then we opened the garage to reveal this beautiful Audi S4. As you can see, he was wonderfully surprised. So glad I could capture it on film! Video by: Shaye Scott

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ALPINA B7 vs AUDI RS6 Performance acceleration Video - 2017
Follow me on Instagram - After recording near identical acceleration times, I figured showing both dashboards would make for a good little video. The ALPINA was a fraction quicker to 62 mph due to having a Launch Control system (you hold the RS6 on the brakes), the RS6 is a fraction quicker to 100 mph, but then the B7 is a couple tenths quicker to 124mph. Both cars record the same 1/4 mile times. The B7 had two passengers instead of the one in the RS6. These times were both recorded on a VBOX. 2017 AUDI RS6 Performance - 0-62 mph (100 kph) = 3.66 seconds 0-100 mph (160 kph) = 7.48 seconds 0-124 mph (200 kph) = 11.62 seconds 1/4 Mile - 11.4 seconds 2017 APLINA B7 xDrive - 0-62 mph 3.58 seconds 0-100 mph - 7.56 seconds 0-124mph - 11.42 seconds 1/4 Mile - 11.4 seconds Cheers for watching & please SUBSCRIBE for more :-) Music by - Ocean by THBD Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by Audio Library Please follow me here - Instagram - Facebook - Twitter - Website - Thanks

Mary's reaction to her graduation present... her mom. Missionaries in Africa normally, our dad flew her over the ocean to be there for Mary's high school graduation. No one had any idea she was coming until she showed up on the door step. This video was taken to capture the special moment for dad back in Africa.

Birthday Surprise in a Lamborghini
(NOTE-This teen did not GET this car for his birthday, nor did he get to drive it. Please read the story before you submit a comment.) Don't forget! My sons YouTube channel is lamborghiniguy14 linked in the video an rite here! Go check out his channel for more car packed and guitar packed videos! On vacation in Florida, this car-fanatic teen finds a surprise (his girlfriend) in a Lamborghini Aventador on his 18th birthday. Mom and Dad flew her in from NC. The amazing staff at Lamborghini Palm Beach put her in the passenger seat for him to find, then gave him a spirited 20-minute ride. TO CLARIFY: He did not GET a Lamborghini Aventador for his birthday, nor did he even remotely THINK he would get one. (He knows better.) He was thrilled to just get to sit in one (though they did surprise him with a ride afterward), and even more thrilled when he realized he wasn't alone. Read the full story on Jalopnik here: