The truth about the physics of Forza 4 , hidden aid

forza4 is a great game, the best sim on the consoles. fm4 has better physics behavior of cars, but to expand it to the full-need a steering wheel 900 degrees and it is good Fm4 has excellent physics. is quite different on the steering wheel 900 degrees and on the joystick. Yes, when driving on the joystick, with disabled helpers have a small problem with the drift, but the description clearly says that the assistants should be off if you have experience of driving and steering wheel. On the joystick is always there, can not be disabled care, and rightly so, otherwise the car would be uncontrollable, as the joystick and steep physicist incompatible. But on the steering wheel does not help and it's really difficult. But it is very interesting I had not had the opportunity to play Iracing and LFS. And these games are considered very steep Recently, I did it. And the steering wheel physics Forza 4 is worse, but not by much. In the LFS and Iracing little better implemented suspension and tires, but if physics Iracing - 10 out of 10, the physics of Forza 4 - 8 out of 10. But the main thing that spoils the impression of fm4 - unintelligible feedback on the steering wheel due to the peculiarities of data protocols usb, on Xbox360 Forza 4 great game and gt5 can not even compare to her, almost on par with Forza PC Sims. 1 of 10 -nfs shift 3 of 10 Forza 3 3 of 10 Horison 3/5-4 of 10 - GTR Evolution 3/5-4 of 10 - Gran turismo 5 6/5 of 10 Enthusia 8 of 10 -Forza4 8.5 -9 of 10 Live for speed 10 of 10 Iracing 2008 Forza Motorsport 4: Under the Hood Part 3 September 7, 2011 Can you tell us a bit more about the new difficulty settings, and how they affect the game? "Simulation Steering" and "Rewind Off" difficulty options are fan requests. "Rewind Off" works like you'd expect. "Simulation Steering" requires a bit more explanation. In Forza 3, we refined a steering assist to the controller (and to a lesser extent for the wheel) that helped the player countersteer, drift and recover. It slightly modified the player's steering angle input as well as the rate of steering wheel rotation based on the yaw of the car and the player's recent inputs. I loved the system for drifting, as it made me feel like a driving god without actually sacrificing our physics accuracy. It made the game easier to drift and recover by just interpreting the player's input. With "Simulation Steering" in Forza 4, those input assists are turned off. If you over-countersteer or over-correct, you will spin like a top. Based on how you drive, Simulation Steering, combined with the new Pirelli tire data, makes the cars feel far more twitchy--especially high-powered RWD cars such as the Ferrari 599 GTO (and even more so with traction control turned off). Interestingly, if you are a very smooth driver that doesn't really let the car get out of shape, you probably won't notice a difference at all. Of course, some gamers associate slow steering rates and crazy moment-of-inertia values with a feeling of "simulation." This is most likely due to their experience with other racing games. However, as most of you know, that's just not how real cars behave. When you jerk the wheel from one side to the other, the car will twitch. When you over-correct and over-countersteer, the car will build up torque and whip around -- hello, tank-slapper. While this is most evident in a lightweight race car, I can tell you from personal real-world experience: it will happen in a big Audi A8 as well! Anyway, simulation is important to us, so we put in the option for "Simulation Steering." Now that it's in, I love it. However, I still switch back to the "Normal Steering" setting when I move into some of the more nutter cars (i.e. 599 GTO with no TCS, STM or ABS) or when I'm just looking to drift.

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video is made before the patch gt5 suspension in November 2012