Magnacharged G8 GT 0-170mph

totally stock, 6psi base magnacharger kit closed course, right around 150+mph the course actually goes uphill so thats why the car sits at the 160s so long then goes to 171, by then i had to slow down.

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11-25-15 colorado done! update
going over some things, truck is nearly done, Boost control, caltrac's and some other things have to go in, but she is mobile and making chu chu noises and burning tires with ease

Sloppy Mechanics G8 Magnacharger Dyno Tuning
base TVS1900 Supercharger kit, hitting 5psi on 85degree day. starting with a base tune i got from HPTuners forum for the magnacharger, then working from there. this is a totally stock car, stock cats, Exhaust, mufflers, no thermostat or anything, just a big filter and a magnacharger. 442rwhp 415 with a safer street tune. 451rwhp 420ftlbs in the video on the Dyno. going to gut the cats, and go with a 160-180 tstat and retune

Maggie G8 blower whine
just some cruising around bored, video'd some of the quiet blower whine while cruising around.

Magnacharged g8 0-60 on street, street tires, 9psi 480rwhp
Magnacharged g8 0-60 on street, street tires, 9psi 480rwhp quick acceleration test traction is getting more difficult