Magnacharged G8 GT 0-170mph

totally stock, 6psi base magnacharger kit closed course, right around 150+mph the course actually goes uphill so thats why the car sits at the 160s so long then goes to 171, by then i had to slow down.

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G8 GT Chirping 3rd gear on the freeway
Car has intake, tune, and a catback Exhaust. There are people out there thinking that the car doesnt chirp the tires going into 3rd gear at 72mph.. Here ya go.!!!

G8 GT 3400 Stall
G8 GT 3400 Converter Install

2009 Pontiac G8 GT Stealth Mode
"Stealth Mode" as its called in the G8 GT driving at night with description of how to do it.

Scary First Stock G8 Dyno Pull
Dynoing the G8 for the first time to get some #s before the big build. (#vettekiller) Some crazy info has surfaced which has caused some concern as we continue to plan the build. You never know what could be lurking on a factory tune until you data log it! Factory #s are 361hp & 385ft.lbs.tq. Made 288hp & 297ft.lbs.tq. on this run even with this scary info! WATCH TO SEE WHAT WE UNCOVERED!!!!!!!! Please Comment below if you have experienced the same thing